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Tendering and contract process

Our tender and contract process is designed to meet the supply chain management needs of our customers. It is competitive, standardised, accommodates public procurement requirements and customer input.

We use our expertise to select the most appropriate suppliers and evaluate their based on:

  • Financial criteria
  • Clinical acceptability
  • Ease of use.

Contracts are awarded to suppliers who meet the broadest range of criteria, including innovation, quality and value for money.

Throughout the process, we ensure all products have been reviewed by Product Councils or Clinical Consultation Groups - groups of clinical and medical professionals - to ensure customer input is part of the product selection process.

Our tender and contract process uses open and restricted procedures. It meets proprietary and legal requirements and the procurement best practice, including Office of Government Commerce and the Official Journal of the European Union guidance.

Tender and contract process

  1. Identify customer needs
    Assess products, suppliers, procurement drivers and tender specifications.
  2. Tender development
    Establish contract award matrix, define product and performance specifications and send to appropriate suppliers.
  3. Tender analysis
    Determine cost and quality available and compare suppliers’ tenders.
  4. Issue resolution and clarification
    Define terms and conditions, develop implementation plan and finalise supplier agreement.
  5. Decision making
    Make award recommendation based on contract award matrix results, involve Product Councils, Task Forces and customers, and notify tenderers of decision.
  6. Finalising the award
    Confirm supplier agreement, draft contract summary and begin contract approval process.
  7. Launching the agreement
    Notify all tenderers and customer of decision, develop customer-focused communications plan with supplier, and distribute completed contract summary.
  8. Records retention 
    Provide legal department with original signed copy of agreement.