NHS England introduced a new nationwide system for purchasing and supplying High-Cost Tariff-Excluded Devices (HCTED) used in specialised services in April 2016. It is expected this new approach will see savings of over £60m freed up for use in the NHS following the full migration of all NHS trusts.

This single national approach for purchasing and supplying these devices is agreed between NHS England and NHS Business Services Authority. The new system for Provider Trusts to order devices for specialist services is operated by NHS Supply Chain. The HCTED programme will be incorporated into the Procurement Transformation Programme Future Operating Model as part of the future NHS Supply Chain.

For more information on the new system, including detail of the devices it will cover visit: NHS England website.

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Working to a defined engagement process

Provider Trust champions are required to provide details of departmental leads to support engagement and category implementation.

Designing a bespoke trust work plan
Continuous Improvement Programme

A continuous improvement programme ensures good practice is shared, with key learnings and improvements captured and incorporated into future programme developments.

Example: Sharing good practice through the post implementation survey.

Provider Trust: The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation

Category implemented: Bone Conducting Hearing Implants (BCHI)

Tips to success:

  • Support your NHS Supply Chain Implementation Manager, communication is key to a smooth transition
  • Secure buy-in to the new model from your clinicians and nursing staff
  • Ensure your purchase order data is correct.

Download our latest Continuous Improvement Programme update for more details.

Phasing and next steps

If you are a provider of HCTEDs you should have already started migrating over to the new system working with your dedicated Implementation Manager. Initial focus will be on the five stages of information exchange and the establishment of communications between the team and the identified leads in each trust.

  • Working through the contract baseline submission trusts made.
  • The full range of devices and suppliers used by the Provider Trusts.
  • Estimated annual volumes of devices for 2018.
  • Any material stock levels purchased during 2017/18.
  • Any high-cost tariff-excluded devices currently commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups.
Bespoke transactional reporting

We are pleased to announce that a new Transactional Report (TR33) is now live and available to trusts to self-serve through our website in support of the NHS England High-Cost Tariff-Excluded Devices (HCTEDs) programme.

This report will give you information about your transactions on HCTEDs through the Zero Cost Model and can be used to aid completion of your Financial Reconciliation Process submission each month.

The report will be available in excel format and will be updated on a weekly basis. You can access the report by logging on to our website and selecting TR Reports on the right hand sidebar http://www.supplychain.nhs.uk/ 

If you require any further information about the report, then please contact your relevant trust Implementation Manager.


The following NHS Supply Chain frameworks include devices covered by the new system:

  • Cardiac Surgery, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Diagnostic & Interventional Consumables and Associated Products 
  • Audiological Implantable Devices
  • Neuromodulation
  • Musculoskeletal (MSK).

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