Details of our up and coming contracts

Procurement Calendar

Our procurement calendar details contracts, their category and renewal dates which we hope will be of assistance to you. Dates are correct at time of publication, however, are subject to change, information is updated periodically. It is not the full procurement calendar which continues to be developed and discussed with the NHS Business Services Authority and as it is finalised it will be communicated.

NewDisposable Wipes for Surface Cleaning and DisinfectionLaunch date:01/07/2017

NewCentral Venous CathetersLaunch date:01/08/2017

NewDisposable and Washable Continence Care and Associated Products Launch date:01/08/2017

NewObstetrics and Gynaelogical Sundries and AccessoriesLaunch date:01/08/2017

NewOffice Supplies and SolutionsLaunch date:01/08/2017

NewGeneral WoundcareLaunch date:01/09/2017

NewOffice FurnitureLaunch date:01/10/2017

NewThermometer Devices and Support ProductsLaunch date:01/10/2017

NewBreathing System ConsumablesLaunch date:01/01/2018

NewInfusion Pumps and Administration Sets and Associated ProductsLaunch date:01/01/2018

NewPoint of Care Launch date:01/01/2018

NewSurgical Implants for Womens and Mens HealthLaunch date:01/01/2018

NewFood to GoLaunch date:01/02/2018

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