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Roll cages

Friday 14 September 2018

NHS Supply Chain uses roll cages to deliver products to the majority of its customers. Failure to return roll cages directly impacts our service provision. Our use of pallets to make deliveries is always considered as a last resort; however using pallets has become an increasing requirement over recent months, due to reduced roll cage returns across the network.

The roll cages we use to make our deliveries are strictly the property of NHS Supply Chain on behalf of Supply Chain Coordination Limited (previously the NHS BSA). The cages are intended for onward distribution of our delivery within your trust.

Improper use can have serious Health and Safety implications - for this reason roll cages are supplied on the understanding that they are used only for the purpose of transporting consumable products supplied by NHS Supply Chain. Roll cages should not to be used for storage, filing or transportation of either rubbish or linen (clean or soiled).

We are constantly seeking to reduce the costly loss of roll cages through the promotion of effective container management by customers, and reduction of loss to third parties - however, this can only be achieved with your co-operation.

NHS Supply Chain Roll Cages

To assist in the identification and return of our roll cages, they are either silver or gold in colour, and will always have NHS SUPPLY CHAIN embossed into the frame, although some older cages that are still in circulation may have 'NHS Logistics Authority'.

Please support us by...

  • Delivering cages to their respective destinations as soon as possible.
  • Emptying roll cages of all goods and return to a designated delivery location, for collection by the next NHS Supply Chain vehicle.
  • If necessary, securing roll cages together with a chain and padlock to prevent improper use or removal by parties other than NHS Supply Chain.
  • Reporting any concerns regarding cage returns to your regional Customer Service Team.
  • Complying with any request from our Customer Service Team to make cages available for collection.

Do Not...

  • Use roll cages for collecting clean or soiled linen.
  • Use roll cages for the collection or transportation of rubbish.
  • Use roll cages for storing goods, equipment or for filing medical records.
  • Allow third parties to use or remove roll cages.

Find your regional Customer Service Team contact details here.

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