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NHS Improvement have launched the Nationally Contracted Products Programme (NCP), which aggregates national demand in order to purchase products on behalf of the whole of the NHS to deliver savings.

NCP, through NHS Supply Chain, is focussed on reducing product and price variation at a sub category or product line level through commitment to minimal suppliers. Underpinning the Operational Productivity Review by Lord Patrick Carter of Coles, this approach aims to reduce spend by collaboration and consolidating purchasing power.

Trusts will be able to adopt lower cost alternative products that will deliver significant savings, relatively quickly, without compromising on quality or patient care. The Trusted Customer offers a voice of the customer throughout the category management process, which will include reference to clinical evaluation reports from the NHS Clinical Evaluation Team (NHS CET) where available, and to alternative relevant customer evaluations if outside of the scope of the NHS CET, in order to ensure the appropriate clinical quality and performance are delivered.


Nationally Contracted Products programme Customer webinar_12July

NHS Improvement and NHS BSA delivered an NCP customer webinar on Friday 7 July

Nationally Contracted Products_NHSI letter_21Sept

Introduction letter to the Nationally Contracted Products programme from the NHSI distributed on 21 September.

Nationally Contracted Products_NHSI letter_1Dec

Follow up letter regarding the Nationally Contracted Products programme from the NHSI distributed on 1 December.

NCP Programmes Schedule
Couch Rolls 27 March 2017
Medical Pulp Bedpans Qtr. 3 2017
Medical Pulp Bowls Qtr. 3 2017
Medical Pulp Trays Qtr. 3 2017
Medical Pulp Urinals Qtr. 3 2017
Double Adjustable Crutches Qtr. 3 2017
Patient Dry Wipes Qtr. 3 2017
Temporary Shoes Qtr. 3 2017
Toilet Paper Qtr. 3 2017
Underpads Qtr. 3 2017
Copier Paper Qtr. 4 2017
Open Suction Catheters Qtr. 4 2017
Oxygen Tubing - Sterile pre-cut Qtr. 4 2017
Pressure Infusers Qtr. 4 2017
Scissor Clamps Qtr. 4 2017
Sharps PadsQtr. 4 2017
Specimen Swabs Qtr. 4 2017
Suction Liner Disposal Containers Qtr. 4 2017
Suction Tubing - Sterile and Bulk Qtr. 4 2017
Surgical Face Masks - Type lir - hypoallergenic; Type lir; Type lir visor Qtr. 4 2017
Surgical Theatre Gowns - Standard Qtr. 4 2017
Examination Gloves 6n Nitrile TBC
Further Information

If you have any questions about the Nationally Contracted Products programme, please contact the Operational Productivity team at NHS Improvement on

* Anticipated annualised savings figures are calculated following conclusion of the award process and are based on national banded pricing using each trusts volumes. Please note these may be subject to change before customer specific Trust Impact Statements are produced due to further pricing reconciliation. For further details please contact NHS Supply Chain.

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