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The DH Consumables Fund has delivered £840k cash releasing savings through national volume commitment on high use product lines

Wednesday 27 April 2016

As part of our commitment to help the NHS reach its £2bn of procurement and efficiency savings, we’re using the DH Consumables Fund to generate immediate cash releasing savings to trusts.

Since January 2015 the Fund has:

  •     Saved trusts £840k*
  •     Engaged with 181 trusts
  •     Covered 241 products across 20 frameworks 
  •     Worked with 13 suppliers

Savings are available across clinical and consumable product categories and recent deals include up to 35% ** on select Musculoskeletal Orthopaedic products and up to 19%** savings on a range of Haemostats and Single Use Theatre Protective Equipment products.

We’re using the Fund to further maximise savings and efficiencies by providing supplier benefits through commitment deals and prompt settlement discounts. These deliver significant cash flow advantages, combined with cost reductions in areas such as stockholding, transportation and production, all in turn making a substantial contribution towards our common NHS savings goal.

This year we plan to continue working with even more suppliers to enable further savings opportunities
We’re happy to hear of any alternative ways to help maximise the Fund’s savings potential, and these will be considered on a case by case basis provided they are within the scope of the relevant framework agreement.

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