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NCP Sharps Pads Postponed Launch Date


ICN number:278

  • Date:24/04/2018
  • Product area:

Update: 24/04/2018

  • We can now inform customers that the date for the launch of NCP Sharps Pads will be Friday 4 May 2018.

Previous Update: 16/04/2018

  • We previously advised that NCP Sharps Pads would launch on 19 April 2018.
  • This has now had to be postponed due to delays in stock being freighted from China.
  • We will continue to work with the supplier to ensure the product launches as soon as possible and will keep customers updated.

Previous Update: 14/02/2018


  • Nationally Contracted Products (NCP) initiative is strategically co led by NHS Improvement and the Department of Health and is being operationalised by the NHS Business Services Authority through NHS Supply Chain.
  • NCP is a procurement tool that aims to implement the Carter Report recommendations to harness the national buying power of the NHS, remove “unwarranted product variation” and improve efficiency. The initiative is focused on driving savings through reducing variety at a sub category level and channelling national commitment to this reduced product range.


Sharps Pads and Boxes NCP will be launched in two stages:

  • Sharps Boxes will be launched on 12 March 2018.
    Medtronic have been awarded as the single supplier for Sharps Boxes, and we are pleased to be able to launch ahead of the programmed date, thus releasing the potential savings opportunities sooner into the market.
  • Sharps Pads will be launched on 19 April 2018.
    Shermond have been awarded as the single supplier for Sharps Pads, and in order to ensure a smooth transition, we have slightly delayed their launch.


  • In response to Customer feedback, we will carry out central updates to relevant favourites lists, standing orders and eDC requirements for all NCP product launches. This central management will ensure a prompt changeover, a smooth transition and will enable savings to be immediately realised. For further information please refer to ICN 232.

Next Steps:

  • For information on trust specific savings opportunities please contact your Account Manager. Trust Impact Statements are available.
  • If you have any questions about the Nationally Contracted Products programme, please contact the Operational Productivity team at NHS Improvement on

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Should you require further information about this contract, including pricing and how to order the products, please contact your NHS Supply Chain account manager using the link below.

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