Patient Safety

Clinical and Product Assurance

Patient Safety

CaPA work closely with the Category Tower Service Providers (CTSPs) and other key partners including the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), as a system leader on behalf of customers, to ensure safe, high quality products are available across the NHS.

Product Complaints

To ensure patient safety CaPA oversee the resolution of all product complaints which have caused, or pose risk of, patient or user harm.

Where a product fault is identified with an item supplied by NHS Supply Chain we ask customers to log the details with our Customer Service team (See our Useful Links 🔗 section for Customer Service Contact details).

CaPA help to ensure patient safety in the NHS.

Any product fault which has caused, or has the potential to result in patient harm is immediately flagged to CaPA for investigation. Where applicable, the MHRA and NHS Improvement (NHSI) are notified of the product issue.

All other product complaints are reviewed by CaPA patient safety specialists on an ongoing basis to monitor any changes to the number of product complaints in each specific product area.

It is the expectation of CaPA that all patient safety related complaints are fully resolved, which includes looking at wider trends and patterns to ensure that all necessary corrective actions are put into place to prevent further occurrence.

In addition, our assurance process expects that our Category Tower Service Providers (CTSPs) show a commitment to ongoing improvement by using the intelligence generated from customer complaints to inform decision making about future product ranges.

Product Exceptions

If you are concerned that a product does not meet your clinical requirements then an exception request should be submitted to the patient safety inbox for review by CaPA:

Each product exception is reviewed by a member of the CaPA patient safety team who may make further contact with the Trust during the investigation process. Following this investigation, the final outcome will be reported to the Trust by the Patient Safety lead.

Issues emerging with Nationally Contracted Products (NCP), including complaints, are discussed with partners at quarterly NHS Supply Chain Regional Customer Boards (See our Useful Links 🔗 section for more details on Customer Boards).

In November 2019 CaPA will also launch a new Quality Products Forum where there will be an opportunity for Trusts to work directly with us to ensure that safe and fit for purpose products are selected on behalf of the NHS. This approach will support our ambition to ensure that we achieve effective, clinically informed procurement.

Product Delists

Where a product is delisted due to a patient safety concern CaPA will work to identify and make available suitable assured alternatives.

The provision of alternatives is dependent upon the suppliers and products currently on contract, lead times to obtain sufficient stocks, and operational and commercial activity to make these available to order for customers.

Patient Safety Charter

As part of our commitment to Patient Safety, CaPA are also developing a Patient Safety Charter within NHS Supply Chain based on the five sign up to safety pledges outlined in the widely adopted NHS “Sign up to safety” campaign:

  • Put Safety first
  • Continually learn
  • Be honest
  • Collaborate
  • Be supportive.

More details on our Patient Safety Charter will be shared as it is developed.