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Key facts

  • We transact over 325,000 product lines through our systems, procuring a further 386,000 for the NHS to access directly from our suppliers.
  • We produce and distribute a catalogue with over 67,000 listed product lines.
  • We processed over 5 million orders in 2013. 
  • We employ over 2,400 people across seven sites.
  • Our aim is to provide more than £1 billion index linked savings to the NHS by 2016 - this target was achieved by December 2014 and we remain committed to delivering even more savings back to the NHS.
  • We manage 170 contracts - 34 of these were launched in 2014 with a value of £1.6 billion.
  • Our Home Delivery service delivers continence products to over 200,000 patients in their own homes and Care/Residential Homes.

Delivering value to the NHS