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The NNCPS is a key group of nursing and clinical staff with close working relationships with, and often directly employed by, supplies teams in trusts. The network was formed in January 2003 with the main objective of increasing the amount of involvement of clinical and other specialists in the procurement process.

The network meets three to four times a year and is a forum for sharing best practice, updating and sharing market knowledge. They also keep informed about the work of healthcare-related organisations, such as NHS Supply Chain, National Patient Safety Agency and the Health and Safety Executive, and how guidance issues may impact at the trust level. As well as the regular meeting, there is a vibrant e-mail network of colleagues for support and project ideas guidance, sharing successes and learning from challenges others have faced.

If you would like to become involved in the network or would just like to find out more please contact:

David Newton: david.newton@nuh.nhs.uk
Jim Kennett: jim.kennett@nhs.net

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