Office Supplies and Solutions – Technology Lot Buying Guide

The Technology Lot available through our Office Supplies and Solutions framework is designed to help trusts who are:

  • Looking for a complaint route to market for all their facilities purchasing at bespoke framework pricing.
  • Wanting to order more commonly purchased products directly from a catalogue to the trust through one of NHS Supply Chain’s supply routes.
  • Looking for one off product purchases, trying to source a specific item.

Product Areas Covered

  • Audio visual equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • Dictation devices
  • Interactive signage and displays
  • Laptops.
  • Printers
  • Projectors
  • Scanners
  • Software and licensing
  • Tablets and consumables.

How to Order Office Supplies and Solutions Products



Select the products you want to purchase.



Contact the NHS Supply Chain Office Solutions Team.



Quote the framework Reference number: 2016/S 200-361563.



Products are then delivered in accordance with agreed lead times directly to your trust.

See our Downloads section for the full list of suppliers on this framework in our Supplier Matrix.

Technology in New and Safer Ways of Working

Throughout the last 18 months the ways that people work has changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and these changes are likely to be here to stay. With that in mind, we have a number of office supplies technology products available to support this new way of working.

Wipeable and antimicrobial computer peripherals 

We can offer a number of options when it comes to products such as keyboards and mice, including spill-resistant and waterproof keyboards as well as products that have an anti-microbial coating. These features ensure the products can be cleaned and offer a more sustainable option as they are designed to be hardwearing, unlike standard product lines.

Digital thermometers and temperature screening devices

As staff return to offices, it will be important to monitor and manage symptoms to prevent the spread of any harmful germs. We offer products that can automatically screen temperatures upon entry to workplaces, with alerts if these are high.

Further options

We have further options available and our awarded suppliers can source and supply products that may not be shown here or on the catalogue. If you have a requirement, please contact us to obtain a quote or for further information.


Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE)

The WEEE regulations require that businesses involved in the supply of electrical equipment take an active role in its collection, recycling, and environmentally sound disposal.

Recycle your end of life electrical items

  • Failure to segregate electronic waste material usually results in items being disposed of in a landfill site (buried under the ground), where toxins leach into the soil, contaminating it and putting communities at risk.
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) must be disposed of in accordance with local authority procedures and some suppliers on the framework will accept returns of products when buying like for like replacements. 
  • Waste batteries including rechargeable batteries can be disposed of free of charge. See our Downloads Section for further information on battery recycling. 
  • All new electrical products are marked with a crossed out wheeled bin symbol, where you see this symbol on a product please do not put it in your general waste.

Benefits of Ordering Through Us

An extensive choice of office supplies technology lighting solutions tools and accessories including the latest innovations. We also have additional framework agreements covering:

  • Stationery Computer Consumables and Miscellaneous Office Equipment and Services
  • Printable Patient Identification Wristbands, Thermal Printers and Associated Accessories.
  • Batteries.
  • Office and Outdoor Furniture.

See our Useful Links to view all of the frameworks on our Office Solutions category page.

  • You can save time and money by avoiding individual trust tendering costs when using our framework, as we complete the tender process for you.
  • The financial benefits of NHS Supply Chain go beyond just product prices. Our offering is an integrated one that reduces costs throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to global sourcing. This enables us to offer discounts for NHS and public sector customers and access volume-based pricing for large projects.
  • In some cases, we can arrange preferential pricing on bulk purchase orders with a supplier. Please contact our Office Solutions team with your requirements and we can work with suppliers to see what savings can be made available.
  • Your trust can either order through your NHS Supply Chain Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or you can contact the supplier directly quoting the framework reference number: 2016/S 200-361563, to access NHS Supply Chain prices.
  • This framework provides access to suppliers who are able to provide specialist support and advice on any projects being undertaken, as well as helping create specially designed tool kits for any purpose. Supplier guidance also ensures the correct products are sourced first time saving your trust time and money.
  • We offer support and advice on financial solutions, see our Downloads Section to read the Finance Solutions Brochure which details options available.
  • If you are trying to source a product not on our catalogue, please contact:
  • When procuring Office Supplies Technology products via NHS Supply Chain you will be compliant with UK Public Procurement regulations.
  • We are also able to ensure our suppliers are of a suitable standard for supply to the NHS through validation including Clinical and Product Assurance (CaPA) checks.
  • Our framework agreement incorporates all the latest required standards and procedures to ensure all products supplied under this contract adhere to the latest standards as well as specific national legislation and NHS-specific procedures and policies. We incorporate:
    • British Standards (BS)
    • European Standards (EN)
    • International Standards (ISO).
    • Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA), who are the leading furniture research and testing agency in the UK.

Downloads ▼

  • Supplier Matrix

    An excel file showing the suppliers on the Office Supplies and Solutions Technology Lot.
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