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What is eDC Gold?

Based on the eDC platform, which is used in 90% of NHS trusts, eDC Gold is a free inventory management solution designed to manage high-value and critical care products. It is owned by the NHS and helps hospitals reduce clinical risk through improved inventory control.

eDC Gold is GS1 ready and can be used in a range of different product categories including (but not limited to):

> Breast prosthesis   > Pathology consumables
> Cardio - heart valves, Endogenous Pacemakers (EP) Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICDs)   > Radiology
> Intraocular lenses (IOLs)   > Robotics consumables
> Mesh products   > Theatre consumables
> Orthopaedic   > Trauma

Features and Benefits

eDC Gold is a free solution helping you deliver ongoing savings and efficiencies through smarter management of consignment and high-value stock, purchase holidays and expiry date control.

  • eDC Gold is GS1 ready supporting the Department of Health (DH) eProcurement Strategy and Lord Carter Interim Report.
  • It helps to reduce surplus and expired stock for high-value products.
  • It's aligned to Scan4Safety through product traceability, supporting safety recalls and patient costing data.
  • Automatic re-ordering based on real-time usage and clinical need.
  • Product visibility regardless of supply route.
  • Development of eDC Gold functionality beyond 2018 is sponsored by NHS Business Service Authority (BSA) and the DH.

We offer full training and support to implement eDC Gold in your trust, and we have a dedicated help desk to answer any queries or technical issues.

To find out more, please contact :

Video case study - Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust reduced clinical time on stock management by 74 %

*Potential percentage savings available as a result of the implementation of eDC Gold into trust. Please speak to your Account Manager for further information.

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Supporting the procurement strategy

Procurement Strategy

Helping you meet Department of Health objectives

Accurate master data used consistently across the supply chain provides a foundation for procurement efficiency, enabling trusts and their suppliers to capture and share (data) using the same barcode driven technology used by retailers and industry to eliminate errors and waste in supply chain.

Visibility of spend is essential to understand buying patterns and to forecast supply requirements, enabling trusts to secure better deals from their suppliers.

Source: Improving Data, Information and Transparency, Procurement Strategy, Department of Health, August 2013.


Driving immediate and long-term savings and efficiencies


Help meet your savings and efficiency targets

eDC Gold introduces essential inventory management functionality that can enable your trust to manage, track and report on your high value consigned items; whilst still enjoying all of the benefits of the existing eDC platform, which utilises the latest in remote electronic ordering technology - saving you valuable time when ordering your products.

eDC Gold enables your trust to manage, track and report on your high value consigned items.

Our system can help deliver both procurement savings and improvements to your trust’s internal consignment stock supply chain, whilst also reducing cost and mitigating risk. It also provides the foundations to drive costs down further throughout the supply chain, from supplier to end user.

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