ICU Clinical Consumables

There are a significant number of products identified as being required to support ICU patient treatment.

We have created a new ICU Consumables Product Matrix tool that provides you with information on all the NPCs identified as ICU key consumables. With additional detail to allow you to develop your own alternatives list.

We ask that you pay attention to the tracheostomy products. The ICU Clinical Consumables Product Matrix has been updated to include the tracheostomy product supplier contact details. Please ensure you have your own tracheostomy alternatives list in place as soon as possible.

Please see our ICN for more details

Haemofiltration and CRRT Consumables

The procurement of these consumables is subject to NHS England / Improvement (NHSE/I) and Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) guidance.

Updated guidance was emailed out from the SPOC renal email address on 1 July 2020. This was sent to the Regional Renal Procurement Leads, Regional Medical Directors of Commissioning and Renal Incident Teams.

To obtain stocks of consumables please place orders through your usual purchasing processes. Suppliers continue to liaise with the National Renal Incident Team to monitor stocks and incoming supplies.

Clinicians in critical care are asked to refer to the guide on ‘Managing RRT in critical care’ NHS England and NHS Improvement COVID-19 Specialty Guides. These advise on using the best available techniques with a focus on preservation of consumables. Click here to read the NHS England guidance.

Reports to Facilitate STP Mutual Aid

Facilitating STP Mutual Aid Report – a weekly report to help you facilitate mutual aid within your STP.

  • Shows core PPE volume delivered, by trust and by product description.
  • Includes PPE delivered by NHS Supply Chain and via PPE ‘push’ deliveries from the pandemic stockpile.
  • Use this report to understand the location and type of core PPE products delivered into your STP.
  • See our Downloads ▼ section for the Facilitating STP Mutual Aid Report
    (you will need to log in to access it).

Mapping of Trusts – a separate weekly report, also made available to help facilitate mutual aid within your STP.

  • A list of trusts that receive PPE ‘push’ pallet deliveries mapped against trusts that do not receive PPE ‘push’ pallet deliveries.
  • If your trust does not receive PPE ‘push’ pallet deliveries, use this report to understand the main trust within your STP that you can approach to facilitate local mutual aid.
  • If your trust does receive PPE ‘push’ pallet deliveries, use this report to understand the trust(s) within your STP that may approach you asking you to facilitate local mutual aid.
  • To access the Mapping of Trusts PPE Report please visit the PPE Dedicated Supply Channel website.


We will be adding communications and other letters or guidance issued to these pages. The information included is from the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England, NHS Improvement, Public Health England and NHS Supply Chain.

COVID-19 Product procurement update letter from Department of Health and Social Care

In May, the Department of Health and Social Care issued a letter to NHS trust procurement directors updating on the procurement and distribution of supplies, including PPE and a number of clinical and non-clinical consumables.

Click here to access the letter on the NHS England website.

Roll Cages Must Be Returned To NHS Supply Chain
Please help us by returning roll cages.

Essential Public Health England (PHE) Guidance

Please ensure you have reviewed the latest guidance from PHE for the Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Access the full suite of PHE information documents:

This includes general Pandemic Coronavirus Guidance and specifically covers the putting on and taking off of PPE for Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs).

Public Health England have updated guidance on providing mouth care for patients with COVID-19.

See our Downloads ▼ section for the PHE guidance document.

NHS England (NHSE) and NHS Improvement (NHSI)

NHS England has released a useful and informative resource for Local Procurement and Supplies teams to signpost clinical queries in relation to COVID-19. It provides links for Primary Care, Secondary Care, Community, Social Care and Ambulance Services with sections providing specific support and information by each individual clinical speciality.

Click here to access the NHS England Guidance for Clinical Queries.

Other useful links from NHSE and NHSI:

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Guidance

The Health and Safety Executive have release an A3 guidance poster for disposable respirators that can be printed and stuck on the wall in appropriate clinical environments.

This is specific to disposable respirators, NOT surgical masks. Click here to access the HSE website.

Home Delivery Service (HDS)

In order to fully support this phase of government planning, NHS Supply Chain’s HDS will activate its Business Continuity Plan to protect colleagues and maintain critical services. This includes changes to our HDS processes.

See our Downloads ▼ section for further information.

Downloads ▼

  • Latest Guidance from PHE on Mouth Care

    Update from PHE on mouth care for hospitalised adults and children with COVID-19
  • Facilitating STP Mutual Aid Report

    A report showing the Core PPE volume delivered, by trust and by product description.

    Please to view this content.

  • Home Delivery Service (HDS) Update

    An update on business continuity plans from our Home Delivery Service.

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    FAQs on using FFP 3 Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE).