Suspended Products

NHS England and NHS Improvement supported by NHS Supply Chain are carefully managing the supply of key consumables. This is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing for the UK transition from the EU.

Ensuring all NHS trusts have equal access to key consumables required to provide patient care remains a top priority.

Where there is an exceptional increase in national demand for ICU products, they will be suspended with immediate effect. Any other product suspensions will be managed outside of this process via the normal route.

Click here to see how we are managing the supply of consumables.

Specially Sourced Items

Due to the urgent global demand for products integral to the COVID-19 response, there has been a need to source new products from new suppliers to meet trusts’ requirements. NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE/I) have therefore created a team dedicated to the procurement of additional specific ICU / Clinical Consumable products in the treatment of COVID-19.

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NHS England (NHSE) and NHS Improvement (NHSI)

NHS England has released a useful and informative resource for Local Procurement and Supplies teams to signpost clinical queries in relation to COVID-19. It provides links for Primary Care, Secondary Care, Community, Social Care and Ambulance Services with sections providing specific support and information by each individual clinical speciality.

Click here to access the NHS England Guidance for Clinical Queries.

Downloads ▼

  • Facilitating STP Mutual Aid Report

    A report showing the Core PPE volume delivered, by trust and by product description.

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