Staying up to date over the holiday season

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10 December 2020

Changes Over Christmas and New Year

Action Required

Submit your demand capture for blood lancets

NCP Blood Lancets is due to launch on 8 March 2021. To ensure continuity of supply across EoTP and the COVID-19 response, submit your demand capture for blood lancets. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Relationship Manager or Clinical Nurse Advisor.

Who To Contact

NHS Supply Chain Customer Services

With operational BAU queries, i.e. delivery queries, product availability queries, clinical event required exceptional ordering.

NHS Supply Chain Customer Relationship Managers

With queries related to new business, switching volumes or any change in profile.

For Non NHS Supply Chain Products

If you have any EoTP queries, that are related to products not in the NHS Supply Chain catalogue, please contact the DHSC via

Relevant ICNs

All of our ICNS are available here.

Other Useful Links

To assist in understanding our communications across EoTP we have published an abbreviations guide.

To stay up to date with the wider national progress and changes across the End of the Transition period at

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

National Vaccine Service Desk

  • Is available from 7 am to 7 pm daily, including bank holidays.
  • It is a central point of contact for delivery queries, discrepancies, and damaged products.
  • Contact them via 0800 678 1650 or
NHS England and NHS Improvement

NHSE/I have published COVID-19 vaccine guidance for trusts and primary care providers. There is also information on equipment and consumables provision and supply.

Deployment Strategy

NHS England and NHS Improvement COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Strategy – a letter from NHS England was sent to the Chief Executives of all NHS trusts and foundation trusts from Emily Lawson and Sue Harriman.