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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of NHS Supply Chain in preparing the NHS for EU Exit?
NHS Supply Chain is continuing its work with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to ensure that any supply disruption is mitigated. This includes providing support to the DHSC EU Exit contingency measures and ensuring our supply chain resilience.

NHS Supply Chain are responsible for supporting the DHSC with preparing supply chain resilience for Medical Devices and Clinical Consumables (MDCC) products. Specifically, the MDCC products that are available through our catalogue.

Can I move my orders to NHS Supply Chain to maintain my supply?
NHS Supply Chain stocks will be available to all customers in the event of disruption. There is no need to switch orders in advance of the 31 January 2020. If you are considering switching volumes, please discuss this with your NHS Supply Chain Account Manager.

Where can I learn more about the products that NHS Supply Chain does not sell?
For EU Exit queries that are not related to products in the NHS Supply Chain catalogue, please contact the MDCC via mdcc-contingencyplanning@dhsc.gov.uk

What is the NHS Supply Chain position regarding stock build?
The NHS Supply Chain stock build is part of the national multilayered resilience measures. Specific queries on the national stock build should be sent to the DHSC via mdcc-contingencyplanning@dhsc.gov.uk

Who takes priority in the NHS Supply Chain and DHSC contingencies for prioritising stock?
The patient needs will always take priority. NHS Supply Chain will work with the National Supplier Disruption Response (NSDR) team to determine specific priorities, ensuring that we are working with the DHSC and NHS England upon EU Exit.

Are NHS Supply Chain planning to make any changes to delivery schedules?
No. As per our planning for EU Exit in March 2019, there is provision for schedules to be varied if required due to the impact to disruption.

Want to learn more?
We advise that you attend our upcoming webinar and read the latest bulletin. Should you have any further questions, please submit your query to euexit.queries@supplychain.nhs.uk