Creating an online account

Creating an online account

What type of account do I need?

To be able to access our website and ordering systems you will require one or more online accounts. Please review the information below to find out which type of account you need*.

*Please note all online account applications, for all systems are vetted and you are not neccessarily guaranteed access depending on how you do business with us.

Catalogue & OrderingOnline Catalogue and Ordering Account

If you're an NHS trust customer requiring access to our Online Catalogue and Ordering system for pricing information and to be able to order products you will need to contact your Trust Administrator to set up your account.

If you are unsure who your trust administrator is, contact

To view your account manager, please see below.

WebsiteWebsite Account

If you're a customer requiring access to our website you can apply online here.

A website account will give you access to trust reports**, commitment discounts, contract information, customer notices and other product news.

**Access to TR reports will only be granted after verification from a Trust Administrator or other nominated person within the organisation

Private customersPrivate Customer Account

If you're a private customer (i.e. non-NHS funded, for example GP or Dentist) then you will need to apply using our account application form.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for this type of account please contact our private sales team on 0845 680 2439 or

SuppliersSupplier Account

If you're a supplier requiring access to our supplier portal system, you can apply online here.

Please be sure to select ‘Supplier’ from the Community drop down.

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