All supplier education session: OJEU and Public Procurement

27 February 2020 Webinar

Following feedback received from Industry, NHS Supply Chain: Cardio-vascular, Radiology, Endoscopy, Audiology and Pain Management Provided by HST will be holding a series of education sessions across 2020. The first session will be on the subject of OJEU and Public Procurement – open to all Category Tower suppliers working under the NHS Supply Chain Operating Model.

The session will provide attendees with;

  • An introductory overview of OJEU and Public Procurement and what this means for suppliers
  • Insight into where new opportunities can be found
  • Principles of Public Procurement Regulations
  • Procurement Systems used – how to register, supplier user guides etc.
  • Typical process, documentation and requirements of suppliers including data requirements

Please note although this webinar is open to all Tower suppliers working under the NHS Supply Chain Operating Model, NHS Supply Chain: Tower 6 will not be speaking on behalf of other Category Tower Service providers and will only be discussing their typical requirements and processes – these may be different to those in other Category Towers.

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