National Ambulance Uniforms: Pre-Tender Supplier Webinar

10 May 2021 Webinar

NHS Supply Chain: Hotel Services is held a National Ambulance Uniforms Pre-tender Supplier Webinar on 10 May 2021 at 1pm.

This event concluded the consultation period with the National Ambulance Uniforms user group and will explain the requirements for the forthcoming tender. The event was open for all suppliers interested in participating in this procurement exercise, to attend.

The Supply of National Ambulance Uniforms Framework has 2 Lots – Lot 1: Core Uniform Garments and Lot 2: General Workwear. The forthcoming framework has the following themes:

  • Standardised and fit for purpose core uniform range
  • Range of essential general work wear
  • Inclusion of Equality & Diversity features
  • Integrated safety features

Where possible, ambulance trusts will be able to achieve a saving when the new supply commences.

Suppliers will be able to see the information presented through registering via Jaggaer to participate on the tender exercise.