Supply Issues Becton Dickinson UK Ltd Blood Collection Multiple Products (ICN 1324)

Important Customer Notice Update

Ref: 2021/1324 ICN Number: 1324


  • Due to mitigations in place and the on-going efforts of colleagues across the NHS, the supply situation of these products has stabilised. Customers are instructed to return to their usual supply routes for these codes and seek to build local stocks slowly.
  • The on-going supply of Becton Dickinson (BD) US stock has eased pressure and we would like to thank those providers who have opted to use these tubes and support the national continuity of supply.
  • Supply constraints may persist on particular codes whilst the position continues to recover over the next four to six weeks.


  • Best Practice guidance from NHS England will be updated to reflect the current supply position and will be circulated. Restrictions on testing will be removed.
  • Customers are to return to their ordering routes that were in place prior to the disruption, i.e., if you ordered direct from BD, please return to ordering direct.
  • Customers who are using the BD US Stock (NPC codes KFK1273, and KFK1272) should continue to use these, ordering via NHS Supply Chain, even if they previously ordered via BD until notified otherwise.

Next Steps:

  • Any issues in obtaining sufficient. stock please contact your supplier, if this is NHS Supply Chain, please contact Customer Services.
  • Please see our Downloads ▼ section to view the communications from NHS England and NHS Improvement.
  • As part of the response to the Becton Dickinson UK Ltd (BD) blood tubes supply disruption, NHS Supply Chain has obtained some BD tubes (KFK1269, KFK1271, KFK1270) which have previously been part of European stocks but were manufactured in the UK. While these stocks will help, supply of the BD blood tubes will remain constrained.
  • These tubes are identical in every respect to the stock used in the UK and they are CE marked. However, the label is slightly different. The label on the European stock is blank, with no guidance on which Patient Identifiers to add onto label.
  • They are being set up as direct alternatives for the following existing BD codes:
    KFK1269 for KFK031
    KFK1271 for KFK233
    KFK1270 for KFK117.
  • This stock will be receipted into NHS Supply Chain from this week so your organisation may start receiving deliveries of these tubes. These should be used in the same way as the UK stock.
  • Please make your staff aware that some tubes being delivered may appear different, but they are identical in terms of use.
  • Please ensure your normal labelling guidance is reiterated to staff especially where manual tube labelling takes place.
  • If you or your teams have any questions about this, please contact your Pathology Incident Director in the first instance.
  • Alternatives have been brought in to support KFK117 and KFK031 due to the switching of demand away from the four affected products. Demand smoothing measures remain across all codes and their alternatives.
  • There has been a change in the national supply position for KFK114.
  • Due to the ongoing intermittent supply, only limited quantities will continue to be available of KFK114. In order to meet their clinical requirements, providers will need to consider alternative products and prioritisation of use.
  • NHS England and NHS Improvement published patient safety guidance on 10 August 2021 which sets out recommended actions for medical directors, nursing directors, GPs and pathology laboratories to optimise resources for pathology laboratory work.
  • Please see our Useful Links section to read the guidance.


  • The supplier Becton Dickinson UK Ltd has informed us of a supply issue with its Blood Collection range.
  • The four product codes affected are:
    KFK114 – Venous Tube Serum Plastic 5ml gold with gel SST11 13 x 100mm hemogard cap
    KFK119 – Venous Tube sodium citrate for coagulation Plastic 2.7ml light blue 13 x 75mm hemogard cap
    KFK171 – Venous Tube K2 EDTA Plastic 4ml lavender 13 x 75mm hemogard cap
    KFK233 – Venous Tube K2 EDTA Plastic 3ml lavender 13 x 75mm hemogard cap
  • The supply constraints are due to significant COVID-19 related increases in global demand.


  • As we are experiencing intermittent supply of these four product codes, we are implementing demand smoothing measures across all four product codes and their alternatives to maintain the continuity of national supply for the NHS.
  • Orders will be managed in line with current and inbound national stock availability.
  • As part of the demand smoothing measures and to provide enhanced control over available stock customers will need to place regular (daily) orders to meet their immediate clinical need.
  • Where possible, customers should use a single, or reduced number, of ordering requisition points to support product allocation across the trust.
  • We are working closely with suppliers to manage the supply of alternative products.

Specific impact by NPC:

  • KFK114 / KFK119
    We anticipate being able to maintain continuity of supply on these product codes subject to providers ordering in line with their clinical requirements and normal usage. More regular (daily) ordering may be required in order to obtain the quantities which are required.
  • KFK171 / KFK233
    More limited supplies will be available of these product codes. In order to meet their clinical requirements, providers will need to consider alternative products and prioritisation of use.

See our Downloads ▼ section to refer to the product listing for further information on the affected product codes and up to date available alternatives. This document will be updated if any additional alternatives become available.

  • Limited stocks of potential indirect alternative products are currently available to order through our online catalogue.
  • We expect to see some improvement in the supply position in September, however, controls are likely to continue to be applied beyond this until supply stabilises. Note that demand on all products in this category will be closely monitored to support continuity of supply for all customers.
  • Further updates will be provided as more information is available.

Next Steps:

  • Customers are advised to perform a risk assessment of the impact of this disruption and consider the prioritisation of these products. Customers can log into our website to view the potential indirect alternative products, however as advised, supply of alternative products is limited.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact your local NHS Supply Chain Customer Relationship Manager or Customer Services Advisor.

Please note that due to the clinical nature of these alternative products we advise you to consult your own clinical experts to ensure suitability for your organisation’s use of these products.

Downloads ▼

  • 1324 Becton Dickinson UK Ltd Product Listing With Alternatives

    An Excel file detailing the affected product codes for ICN 1324.

    Please to view this content.

  • 1324 Becton Dickinson Communications Letter

    A PDF of the Communications Letter for ICN 1324.