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Easimask Full Support Type IIR Face Mask – SKU BWM536 (ICN 1686)

Important Customer Notice Free PPE

Ref: 2022/1686 ICN Number: 1686

Following the release of this ICN on 31 May 2022, and subsequent update of 27 June 2022, further random batch testing has been carried out on this product, which took some time to complete. While there are no reasons to believe any of the stock distributed in the past was compromised, we received conflicting results from those batches tested, which remain inconclusive.

Our existing stocks of other IIR masks is healthy, and as the expiry date for these particular masks will be reached long before they could be used, the Department of Health and Social Care has decided to stop distributing this product.

Accordingly, trusts with quarantined product are now advised to dispose of this stock locally in line with your local policy and waste management protocols.

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Action Required:
Please ensure all quarantined stock is disposed of according to your local policy and waste management protocols.

Please be assured that this does not impact the Type IIR mask stock, or forecasted availability past 1 April 2023.

Next steps from quarantine notice 31 May 2022 – PPE products purchased by Department of Health and Social Care.

A review of the initial testing has been completed by a panel of independent experts. This review indicates that two batches of this brand have conflicting results.

These two batches have not been distributed as PPE from the national covid response, and therefore pose no risk to staff.

The panel reviewing the results have concluded that further batches of the Easimask type IIR masks which have been distributed, will need to be tested to provide assurances of their compliance, following the conflicting results.

The testing process will take approximately a month and cover the batches released. Department of Health and Social Care therefore ask that stock remains in quarantine during this time as a precautionary measure.

Without having a clear picture of results at this time, Department of Health and Social Care are unable to understand what risks, if any, wearing these masks has exposed staff to.

Action Required:

Please retain stock of the masks you have already placed into quarantine, ensuring it remains isolated and not for use, while further testing is carried out.

We are doing all we can to ensure the testing is completed and reviewed in a timely manner, you will be updated with further information when it is available.

Please note this ICN is related to PPE products available via the PPE auto-replenishment model and the PPE Portal. It is not referring to products on the NHS Supply Chain catalogue.

Our records show that a number of NHS Supply Chain customers have received the Easimask Type IIR Face Masks, which are items of PPE that have been centrally distributed from stocks secured during the response to the pandemic.

These items are to be quarantined with immediate effect whilst the item is reviewed. Batch testing of these masks has identified the need for further testing, to ensure they can be continued to be used in a clinical setting.

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Action Required:

  • Please undertake an immediate review of your mask stock and identify if you have any of the affected products.
  • If you have any of this product then please:
    • Quarantine all items with immediate effect.
    • Inform the NHS Product Enquiries Team on quoting Ref: Easimask Type IIR mask and confirm the volume of the product in stock.
  • We will make arrangements for a replacement to be issued to you.
  • We will provide an update in due course following the outcome of the further investigation.