GBUK Healthcare Heel Lancets Newborn and Premature Type (ICN 1178)

Important Customer Notice Product Update

Ref: 2021/1178 ICN Number: 1178


  • As part of the new Framework Launch in March 2021, GBUK Healthcare who will be the new distributor of Steriheel, have advised us that there will be a change in design on both the Heel Lancets, Newborn and Premature type.
  • We are aware that GBUK Healthcare are contacting customers at present to advise of the upcoming change.
  • Steriheel Baby Lancets are changing to the improved Octaheel Baby Lancets, the improvement is a change in shape from circular to Octagon shape.  The change in shape will result in a better grip, and due to the hexagonal shape improved visibility of the incision site.
  • There will be no change in price from GBUK in what they had submitted as part of the tender, –  Steriheel and then new Octaheel.


  • As part of the demand capture issued in relation to the upcoming NCP on Blood Lancets, GBUK Healthcare had issued out examples of Steriheel products, Premature and Newborn Heel Lancets.
  • These products will be replaced, and new codes created under the brand Octaheel .
  • The new product codes are:
    FTM547 –  Preemie .85 x1.75mm
    FTM550 –  Newborn 1.00 x 2.5mm.
  • These codes are not available to order at present, and will be part of the Blood Collection Systems and Blood Lancets launch, in March 2021.
  • Current product codes of Steriheel, FTM358 and FTM359 via Spirit Healthcare will be available until 7 March 2021, then they will be delisted as part of the framework renewal.
  • Please see our Downloads ▼ section to refer to the product listing for further information on the affected product codes.

 Next Steps:

  • For examples, please contact your Clinical Nurse Advisor or Customer Relationship Manager.
  • See our Useful Links 🔗 section for further information on the Blood Collection Systems and Blood Lancets contract.

Downloads ▼

  • 1178 GBUK Healthcare Delisted Products with Alternatives

    An Excel file detailing the affected product codes for ICN 1178.

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