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Nationally Contracted Products (NCP): Medical Pulp (ICN 2032)

Important Customer Notice NCP

Ref: 2023/2032 ICN Number: 2032


  • Nationally Contracted Products (NCP) initiative is strategically co led by NHS Improvement and the Department of Health and is being operationalised through the NHS Supply Chain.
  • The aim of this NCP exercise was to mitigate the implementation of supplier framework agreement pricing, which would have led to significant price increases for the NHS.
  • If the NCP had not been renewed and framework pricing had been implemented, a national cost pressure of approximately £2.8 million would have been realised. The procurement exercise has however, been able to mitigate the national cost pressure down to £1.3 million. With this NCP the NHS will still save money in comparison with 2018 to 2020 Medical Pulp product pricing.


  • Moulded Fibre Products Limited, Praxis Medical Limited, Unisurge International Limited, and Vernacare Limited, have been awarded as the suppliers across this NCP.
  • The NCP product will become available to order on 14 April 2023 from all suppliers, except where the new supplier is Praxis Medical it will be 02 May 2023.
  • There are four Vernacare Limited products that will be delisted from the online catalogue for a minimum period of 12 months with this new NCP. These products will be delisted from the online catalogue from 14 April 2023, where these products are to be replaced by Praxis Medical, Vernacare stock will continue to be made available up until the replacement date, 02 May 2023.
  • By running this NCP, the potential cost pressure has been decreased by approximately 53.5%.

Next Steps:

  • For information on trust specific savings opportunities please contact your Customer Relationship Manager. Trust Impact Statements will be available in the week commencing 6 March 2023.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact your local NHS Supply Chain Customer Services Advisor.

*NCP aims to implement the Carter Report recommendations to harness the national buying power of the NHS, remove “unwarranted product variation” and improve efficiency. NCP focuses on reducing variety at a sub category level and channelling national commitment to this optimised product range to drive savings

Downloads ▼

  • 2032 NCP Medical Pulp Product Matrices

    An Excel file detailing the products available and delisted in this NCP.
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