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Nationally Contracted Products (NCP): NCP Medical Pulp, Macerators and Support Products (ICN 1166)

Important Customer Notice NCP

Ref: 2020/1166 ICN Number: 1166


  • This NCP procurement exercise was undertaken for Medical Pulp. The aim was to improve pricing to all NHS Supply Chain customers by renewing our original Medical Pulp NCP and expanding the available NCP lines from eight to 13.


  • Four suppliers have successfully been awarded to this NCP:Moulded Fibre Products Ltd, Praxis Medical Ltd, Vernacare  Ltd and Unisurge International Ltd.
  • As of 7 March 2021, the products of the unsuccessful supplier CDL OMNI-PAC will be delisted from the online catalogue, except for FSE267 Bedpan Liner – 2 Litre.
  • FSE267 will be supplied to customers of Bridgewater, Maidstone, Suffolk Park and Rugby depots in place of FSE151 from 8 February 2021 until mid-July subject to demand.
  • Once all stock of FSE267 has been depleted FSE151 Bedpan Liner – 2 Litre will be supplied to all customers nationally.
  • There are nine product codes in total being delisted from our online catalogue.
  • Please see our Downloads ▼ section to view the Delist and Product Listing for further information on the affected product codes.
  • The NCP product will become available to order on 8 March 2021.
  • There is a potential, national savings of £752,312 (19.67%) for the first four months of this initiative.  
  • After the depletion of  FSE267 there will be a national savings of £1,706,322 (22.31%) saving for 8 months 

Next Steps: 

  • For information on trust specific savings opportunities please contact your Customer Relationship Manager. Trust Impact Statements will be available week commencing 25 January 2021.
  • If you have any questions about the Nationally Contracted Products, please contact your local NHS Supply Chain Customer Relationship Manager.

Downloads ▼

  • 1166 NCP Medical Pulp Delisted Products with Alternatives

    An Excel file detailing the delisted product codes for ICN 1166.
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  • 1166 NCP Medical Pulp Product Listing

    An Excel file detailing the affected product codes for ICN 1166.
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