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NCP Copier Paper (ICN 413)

Important Customer Notice NCP

Ref: 2018/413 ICN Number: 413


  • Nationally Contracted Products (NCP) initiative is strategically co led by NHS Improvement and the Department of Health and is being operationalised by NHS Supply Chain.
  • NCP is a procurement tool that aims to implement the Carter Report recommendations to harness the national buying power of the NHS, remove “unwarranted product variation” and improve efficiency. The initiative is focused on driving savings through reducing variety at a sub category level and channelling national commitment to this reduced product range.
  • This NCP mini competition is focused on the two fastest moving lines, 80gsm (WHO120) and 70gsm (WHO119) A4 grade C virgin fibre copier paper. These two lines are currently supplied by Premier Paper and will be rationalised to one 80gsm recycled paper product, to deliver savings and avoid the cost pressures that these two products currently face.
  • This will not impact the current supply arrangement of any of the other paper products supplied under this framework agreement.


  • Premier Paper has been awarded as the supplier of 80gsm recycled A4 copier paper.
  • No suppliers are being delisted as part of this NCP exercise. However, two NPC codes (WHO119 and WHO120) will be delisted from the online catalogue for a minimum period of at least 12 months.
  • The NCP product will become available to order on 1 August 2018.
  • By introducing 80gsm recycled paper we will deliver a first year saving of £256,000 (3.67%) and a cost avoidance to the NHS of £1,410,000 (21%).

Next Steps:

  • Please refer to the Product Listing and Delists Products with Alternatives for further information.
  • For information on trust specific savings opportunities please contact your Account Manager. Trust Impact Statements will be available soon.
  • Central updates will be carried out to the relevant favourites lists, standing orders and eDC requirements to ensure a smooth transition and enable savings to be immediately realised. Please refer to ICN 232 for more details of this.
  • For further information on Nationally Contracted Products please visit the NCP webpage.

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