New Tracheostomy Products (ICN 1078)

Important Customer Notice Update

Ref: 2020/1078 ICN Number: 1078


  • A Tracheostomy Kits and Tubes Matrix has been produced and is available to customers.See our Downloads ▼ section.


  • The global demand for a number of consumables required for the care of patients with COVID-19 has dramatically increased, and at times suppliers have been unable to increase their manufacturing capacity in order to meet this demand.
  • In order to build resilience for future surges, trusts may need to consider alternatives to their usual products where there is continued demand or challenges related to global supply.
  • Tracheostomy consumables were, and continue to be, amongst the products which experienced particularly high demand.
  • In order to support procurement teams to understand which alternative Tracheostomy consumables may be available, a matrix of all products procured as part of COVID-19 resilience planning has been produced.
  • Using the matrix. Inclusion of a product on the list does not guarantee that it will be available to order. Some products are experiencing shortages. Some will be on demand management (as highlighted).
  • Users are able to apply the following filters in order to support with a search for an alternative product: Brand, Size, Adjustable neck flange (y/n), Percutaneous kit (y/n), Cuffed (y/n), Subglottic suction (y/n), Compatible Inners (y/n)
  • Hyperlinks to both the NHS Supply Chain catalogue and to the Manufacturers’ websites are included. Users are advised to consult these resources for further information.

Next Steps:

  • Customers are advised If there is a shortage of the usual product, to use the product matrix to identify potential alternatives.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact your local NHS Supply Chain Customer Relationship Manager or Customer Service Advisor.


Due to an increase in national demand for tracheostomy products, such products have been suspended from ordering through our online catalogue. This is to protect stockholding and ensure allocation to the NHS is maintained as guided by the NHS England and NHS Improvement allocation process. See our Useful Links ? section for further information on these Suspended Consumables.

NHS Supply Chain have been working with existing suppliers and newly awarded framework suppliers to identify opportunities to mitigate product shortages.

In support, Atos Medical are introducing a new range of Tracheostomy products to our catalogue. The supplier was awarded to the Airway Management Products and Associated Equipment framework. Framework Agreement Reference: FAG16832 and OJEU Reference: 2018/S 199-450512.


  • 13 new Atos Medical tracheostomy products are available now.

Next Steps:

  • See our Downloads ▼ section to view the product listing for further information on the affected product codes. The product listing includes information on which products are currently suspended and which are available to order.
  • This ICN will be updated as and when additional tracheostomy products become available.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact your local NHS Supply Chain Customer Services Advisor.

Please note that due to the clinical nature of these products we do advise you to consult your own clinical experts to ensure suitability for your organisation’s use of these products.

Downloads ▼

  • 1078 New Tracheostomy Products Product Listing

    Please to view this content.

  • 1078 New Tracheostomy Product Matrix

    An Excel file detailing the affected product codes for ICN 1078.