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Supply Issues Multiple Suppliers Disposable Continence Shaped Pads (ICN 2022)

Important Customer Notice Update

Ref: 2023/2022 ICN Number: 2022
  • An updated product listing is available showing a RAG status for stock position.
  • See our Downloads ▼ section to access the product listing for further information on the affected product codes and potential alternatives.
  • The product listing will be updated every two weeks.



  • We have been informed of a supply issue with Disposable Continence Shaped Pads products.
  • There are 23 product codes affected.
  • There has been a spike in demand for Attends and Essity shaped pads due to Ontex experiencing supply issues, please refer to ICN 1949.
  • Due to this ongoing supply issue, 18 of the affected product codes are now being threshold managed as they are subject to Protect Demand Management.
  • There are no alternative product codes to order.
  • The codes subject to Protect Demand Management are:
    • CFP1169, CFP1170, CFP1550, CFP1171, CFP1479, CFP1172, CFP1182, CFP1102, CFP1007, CFP1837, CFP1163, CFP4392, CFP4388, CFP4389, CFP2163, CFP2165, CFP2086, CFP4391.


  • The affected codes remain available to order through NHS Supply Chain. However, trusts are allocated a maximum daily quantity aka “threshold” to ensure fair supply of available stock across the NHS.
  • See our Downloads ▼ section for a full list of product codes subject to Protect Demand Management.
  • The supply issue is anticipated to be resolved by 30 June 2023.

Next Steps:              

  • Customers are advised to log into our website to view the product codes currently subject to Protect Demand Management.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact your local NHS Supply Chain Customer Services Advisor.

Downloads ▼

  • 2022 Multiple Suppliers Product Listing 22 March 2023

    An Excel file showing the product listing and shaped pads availability for ICN 2022.
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  • Control and Protect Demand Managed Product Matrix

    An Excel file detailing the products currently subject to Control and Protect Demand Management. This is updated weekly.
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