Important Customer Notice Product Update

Ref: 2020/1050 ICN Number: 1050


The availability of Thermometers will be severely challenged during the COVID-19 response. This is due to the uplift in the need for Thermometers in COVID-19 patients and restrictions in supply from the Far East. Therefore, many of the usual alternatives may not be available at this time.

We are currently facing challenges from some suppliers in all sub-categories of Thermometers, for example: Temporal Artery, Tympanic, Electronic, Phase Change and Rigid Digital.


Tympanic Thermometers and Covers

  • Reduced range of both devices and covers. There are no supply issues with the core cover range from Welch Allyn (Braun) or Cardinal Health (Genius 3).
  • Other Welch Allyn devices are out of stock due to a component manufacturing issue which is expected to be resolved by the end of May 2020.

Electronic Thermometers and Covers

  • No supply issues with either Welch Allyn or Cardinal Health devices or covers.
  • Other suppliers generally not available until late June 2020 or with no anticipated date of resolution.

Temporal Artery Thermometers

  • Ongoing supply of FWH255 and FWH256.
  • All other non-contact suppliers have no stock until late June 2020 or with no anticipated date of resolution.

Rigid Digital

  • Very limited supply of these devices with no further stock anticipated before July 2020.
  • Customers will need to use a different thermometer category when these stocks are depleted.

Phase Change

  • Substantial ongoing supply of FWH172 in addition to some supply of all other phase change thermometers.
  • These products provide a good alternative for customers.

Next Steps:

  • See our Downloads ▼ section for further information on the affected product codes.
  • Customers are advised to log into our website to view the potential alternative products. These are a temporary suggestion whilst the supply issues are occurring.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact your local NHS Supply Chain Customer Services Advisor.

Please note that due to the clinical nature of these alternative products we advise you to consult your own clinical experts to ensure suitability for your organisations use of these products.

Downloads ▼

  • 1050 Thermometers Product Listing

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