60 Second Interview With Antonia Marks, Procurement Director

7 October 2020

This month we met up with Antonia Marks, Procurement Director for NHS Supply Chain: Large Diagnostic Capital Equipment Including Mobile and Services (Category Tower 7).

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Antonia Marks is a MCIPs qualified procurement professional with over 16 years procurement experience in the private and public sector.

She has been with NHS Supply Chain for over 10 years and has experience in many different procurement categories. For the last seven years Antonia has worked within the capital medical equipment market.

In her role as Procurement Director, she manages large equipment areas such as Radiotherapy Systems, CT Scanners and MRI Scanners as well as higher volume medical device equipment – for example Patient Monitoring, Ultrasound and Endoscopy systems.

Maintenance and servicing contracts for the NHS are also managed by Category Tower 7 such as Medical IT, Mobile Services and Finance Solutions.

Prior to joining NHS Supply Chain, Antonia worked in the private sector for national retail businesses including Asda.

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What are your key priorities over the next few months?

It has been an exceptionally busy time for Tower 7 over the past few months, we have some key renewal processes starting such as the Imaging Framework and the Maintenance Framework which are starting the re-tender process.

We recently launched our brand new Robotics framework offering a wide range of robotic surgical equipment to the NHS for minimally invasive surgery, spinal and neurosurgical surgery.

The team also have a focus on our Point of Sale Maintenance Cover offering for trusts, to help ensure that savings are maximised for the NHS.

We are also starting to see the recovery of our Managed Procurement Programme following a brief pause (like many projects this was delayed due to COVID-19).

What is the Managed Procurement Programme (MPP)?

MPP is one of the services we offer to customers. We support hospitals to plan, finance and procure multi-year equipment replacement plans.

This partnership service enables trusts to access a dedicated project manager to ensure clinically assured capital replacement plans are renewed on time and approved by all of their relevant stakeholders. Ensuring compliance and creating maximum savings are central to the programme.  

We invest a lot of time and effort in working with clinical leads, procurement and finance to establish fully costed plans and managing projects through any trust’s approval processes. Once approved, we provide dedicated resource to manage purchasing activities with the trust and to bring together the core elements of our purchasing teams.

Many trusts will approach us for support when they want to take a more strategic approach whilst at the same time wanting to retain control of equipment purchasing and management. We are currently working with several different trusts typically across radiology and endoscopy, but the service can apply to any capital equipment area.

How do you engage with your suppliers?

Given the nature of the procurements we support as a Category Tower Service Provider (CTSP), we have a full Suppler Relationship Management (SRM) strategy in place with suppliers – my team are speaking to suppliers every single day!

To ensure that we have the best offering for the NHS, we:

  • Engage with all relevant industry bodies and associations
  • Seek feedback from current and new suppliers as part of our category development strategies.

What advice would you give suppliers wanting to work with NHS Supply Chain?

We always want to understand how we can drive savings, innovations and improve our offering to the NHS:

  • Please get in touch – come and talk to us
  • Ensure that you are signed up to all relevant tender notices.