Be Part of our Equipment Utilisation Pilots

30 January 2020

As part of the Category Tower NHS Supply Chain: Large Diagnostic Capital Equipment including Mobile and Services strategy, we are funding and running technology driven pilots with NHS trusts. Our goal is to identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve performance through better utilisation of mobile medical equipment. The pilots will provide trusts with credible asset utilisation data and support to turn this into actionable insights. We are very keen to hear from trusts that would like to be one of our pilot sites.

There are a number of reason why we are running the pilots. Through our conversations with NHS staff, it is not uncommon to hear stories about medical equipment being held on wards or in cupboards and possibly being underutilised. We also understand that equipment may not be available at the right place and time resulting in case delays. In addition, departmental managers have a need to ensure that they have the right number of assets to service increasing demands.

We will help trusts to address these challenges by enabling a greater understanding of how frequently mobile medical equipment is being used along with utilisation patterns. We then aim to support trusts to turn this data into actionable insights through hands on support and project management.

Each pilot will last for 12 months with an approximate two month set up phase. We have partnered with a technology company with a software solution to track asset utilisation and a proven track record. The pilots are very light touch in terms of time/effort required from the trusts and as the solution is software based we won’t be installing hardware or physically linking to the trust IT system. The pilots are fully funded by NHS Supply Chain.

We are currently reaching out to trusts that would like to be considered for the pilots. If you are interested please contact Paul Turton or Ed Malone:

Paul Turton

Head of Solutions Development

Ed Malone

Solutions Development Manager