Bury St Edmunds to Suffolk Park

1 June 2020

The new Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) in Bury St Edmunds, known as Suffolk Park opened on 27 May 2020.

Customers currently serviced from Bury St Edmunds RDC will be moving to Suffolk Part RDC. Customers who will transition can find relevant information on this page. We will be adding to and updating this information in the coming weeks.

Suffolk Park FAQs

What is the reason for the change to Suffolk Park RDC?

The new RDC is part of the NHS Supply Chain’s transformation activity to support improved customer service. the Suffolk Park RDC has been designed to meet the future needs of the NHS Supply Chain network and its customers, with the capacity to accommodate a broader range of products, leading to efficiencies elsewhere in the network.

Is this new warehouse for normal business or PPE?

Although this new RDC will provide NHS Supply Chain with extra capacity and resilience, Suffolk Park RDC will provide our normal service to customers.

Are all Bury St Edmunds customers moving to the Suffolk Park RDC?

Yes, all customers currently serviced by Bury St Edmunds RDC will transfer to Suffolk Park RDC. The new site is approximately 5 miles away from the current location.

Will all customers transfer to Suffolk Park at the same time?

No, customers will be transferred from Bury St Edmunds RDC to Suffolk Park RDC in a phased approach. Several customers will transfer each week over a number of weeks. We will notify you in advance of your transfer, working with you beforehand and through your transfers.

Is there any work for our Trust to do as a result of this transfer?

We are working to minimise any effort on your part, yet there may be minor changes needed with your IT or third-party provider. We will notify you beforehand and help you with any required changes

What service changes will we experience as a result of this transfer?

There will be no change to your normal service as a result of this transfer. You will order in the same way and your deliveries will still arrive on your preferred delivery days. Your Customer Services and Customer Engagement contacts will all remain as they are now. Maintaining your strong relationships and support currently in place.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or require support?

Your Customer Services and Customer Engagement contacts will remain the same so please liaise with us as usual. If you have a specific query about your transfer, please contact Sarah Smyth who will be glad to support:

Sarah Smyth

Regional Customer Services Manager - South and East