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Bury St Edmunds to Suffolk Park

29 May 2020

Known as Suffolk Park, our new Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) in Bury St Edmunds opened on 27 May 2020.

Customers previously serviced from Bury St Edmunds RDC will have their supplies moved to Suffolk Part RDC.

What is the reason for the change to Suffolk Park?
The new RDC is part of the NHS Supply Chain’s transformation activity to support improved customer service. The Suffolk Park site has been designed to meet the future needs of the NHS Supply Chain network and its customers, with the capacity to accommodate a broader range of products, leading to efficiencies elsewhere in the network.

Are all Bury St Edmunds customers moving to Suffolk Park’s service?
Yes, all customers previously served by Bury St Edmunds RDC will transfer in a phased process over the next few weeks and months.

Is this new warehouse for normal business or the supply of other items such as personal protective equipment?
The new RDC will provide additional capacity and resilience for standard ‘Business As Usual’ supply routes.

Is there significant work for us to do at our trust, as a result of the transfer process?
No – we are working to minimise any effort on your part. There may be minor changes needed with your IT or third party provider, but we will notify you beforehand and help with any required changes.

What service changes will we experience as a result of this transfer?
There will be no change to your normal service, orders will be taken and received in the same way and no planned changes to delivery days are part of this change.