CaPA Project Work Updates

21 December 2020

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Updates from 2020

Mobilisation of workstreams CaPA project work

The mobilisation of workstreams for the National Bladder and Bowel Health (NBBH) project work and associated stakeholder forums is progressing. Trade Associations are being represented at the Stakeholder Council for which the most recent meeting was held on 9 January 2020.

If you know of any stakeholders who would like to be involved in any of associated stakeholder forums – which include supplier, health and care professionals, and patients / carers / citizens – they can sign up via the National Bladder and Bowel Health Supplier Forum (See our Useful Links section). Registrants can confirm how involved they wish to be from an engagement perspective – for information only and / or to provide feedback to the workstream proposals so that all who wish to make a contribution to this work have the opportunity to do so.

National Wound Care Strategy
Also in the links section, a reminder that our National Wound Care Strategy Programme (NWCSP) page is now available (where you can find the latest news and progress for the programme).

Successful Quality Product Forums
CaPA hosted four Quality Product Forums with an aim of increasing clinical engagement with health and care partners during November and December 2019. In Leeds, London, Coventry and Bristol, these themed forums were all well supported by Category Tower Service Provider (CTSP) clinical teams across all categories.

The events were attended by a wide range of clinical and non-clinical leads, which included 47 NHS staff from 36 NHS Providers of acute, community and mental health partnership organisations. The CPSN network were also well represented in each region.

More information from these forums will be shared in the coming months once a full evaluation has been completed.

How to contact CaPA

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Patient Safety Concerns

Any information or concerns should be registered with the customer service team and / or sent directly to:

4 December 2019

CaPA successfully held a series of regional listening events in Leeds, London and Coventry ahead of launching the Quality Products Forum Programme. The initial forums were open to all NHS staff and invited them to share their experiences with product use and how this impacts the care and support they provide.

Attendees generously shared their expert knowledge and each event attracted significant interest from a wide range of our NHS organisations. These initial forums generated a fantastic learning opportunity for NHS Supply Chain as we continue to build quality and safety into everything that we do.

The outputs from these regional events will support the development of a programme of work for 2020.

See our Useful Links section for more information about the CaPA Quality Products Forum.

17 October 2019

CAPA is set to launch the New Quality Products Forum

The new Quality Products Forum will support clinically led procurement. A series of regional workshops are planned throughout November and December 2019 with a full programme being designed for 2020 and 2021.

The purpose of the workshops will be to introduce the refreshed CaPA Quality Assurance Framework and to provide an ongoing collaborative two-way discussion focused on improving the quality of care for the end user.

For more information please contact:

10 September 2019

Update on how CaPA continues to contribute to vital programmes

National Bladder and Bowel Health (NBBH) Project
Mobilisation of the workstreams for the National Bladder and Bowel Health (NBBH) Project work and associated Stakeholder Forums are progressing further.

National Wound Care Strategy
Our National Wound Care Strategy Programme (NWCSP) page is now live and is where you can find the latest news and progress for the programme.

See our Useful Links section for more information about NBBH, NWCSP and how you can become involved.

New quality forum under development
CaPA are developing a new quality forum to support clinically led procurement, the plan is to include working directly with Trusts. The first meetings are planned for October 2019. An initial meeting with Clinical Nurse Advisor team leads has taken place to agree a direction for future working. This will ensure that there is a consistent approach to assurance, safety and innovation including working collaboratively on new Quality Forums.

HealthTech Connect
CaPA continues to receive innovative technologies for review via the Health Tech Connect portal. To date 73 technologies have been submitted for review. More information on HealthTech Connect is also available in our links section.

How to contact CaPA
If you have any specific CaPA queries you can contact the team directly:

29 July 2019

CaPA continues to support National Strategic delivery

Our support for the work of the National Woundcare Strategy Programme continues and we will extend this to the mobilisation of the National Bladder and Bowel Health Programme in the coming months.

We offer our input to help ensure that the recommendations of these national programmes are reflected effectively in our procurement activity in the future, to demonstrate that we are meeting the needs of our users and NHS partners. We’re keen to continue to work with our supplier stakeholders to inform and support our work.

See our Useful Links section – to keep up to date please sign up to our online supplier forums for:

  • National Bladder and Bowel Health
  • National Woundcare Strategy Programme

26 July 2019

Refreshed CaPA product assurance process

We have refreshed our ‘SCCL Assurance Framework for Category Tower Service Providers’ policy. The aim is to make sure that our assurance approach consistently reflects the needs of our users and NHS partners, and supports our mission to continually improve the quality of the products we supply.

A soft launch of the new framework has started, including training for our Category Tower colleagues. We will now work to embed the process over the coming months, and will seek to engage widely with all of our partners to share our policy and approach.

7 June 2019

Clinical and Product Assurance (CaPA) team continue to have an impact

Jo Gander (CaPA director) gave a presentation on the role of CaPA and NHS Supply Chain at the recent Tissue Viability Society annual conference on 2 May 2019. Progress of the National Wound Care Strategy Programme (NWCSP) was a key theme across the two days. NHS Supply Chain continue to support this work. Information about the conference is available from the TVS website (see Useful Links section ).

An article by Dr Una Adderley was published in the most recent edition of the Nursing Times. The article explained the background to and work so far of the National Wound Care Strategy Programme. See our Useful Links section for the full article.

The next NWCSP Supplier Forum webinar has been scheduled for 2 July 2019. Agenda confirmed at Stakeholder Council on 22 May 2019.

If you have not already done so, you can sign up to the supplier forum (see Useful Links section ).

Members of the CaPA team have attended the NICE annual conference (9 May 2019) and EdTech Expo (15 and 16 May 2019) to learn more about innovations across healthcare.

CaPA attended a meeting of the BHTA Stakeholder group on 30 May 2019, an update will follow next month.

NHS Supply Chain Supplier Forum webinars are currently being planned. The first is provisionally scheduled for 18 July 2019. If you are interested in participating, please contact us to register your interest:

26 April 2019

National Wound Care Strategy Programme (NWCSP)

Activity across the seven workstreams is ongoing as NHS Supply Chain continues to contribute to the outcomes of the programme. The first Suppliers’ Forum webinar, held on 7 March 2019, gave an update on the programme and provided suppliers with an overview of HealthTech Connect.

The NWCSP have also sought more feedback from suppliers, health and care professionals and patients and carers on work arising from the education and workforce workstream and on surgical wound care pathways.

The supply, distribution and data workstreams has been reconfigured with Stuart Lakin (Head of Medicines Management, Rotherham CCG) agreeing to lead the workstream. The membership of the workstream will now be made up of:

  • Nurse clinicians from the seven NHS England regions
  • Procurement and logistics specialists from NHS clinical organisations such as ICSs and CCGs
  • Representatives from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

We are still in process of inviting potential members to join the workstreams and as soon as we have confirmed the membership it will be posted on the NWCSP page on The Academic Health Science Network website.

The Clinical and Product Assurance (CaPA) function continues to play a pivotal role in key programmes as NHS Supply Chain seeks to establish a national, rigorous and standardised assurance process for procurement

Although industry and NHS Supply Chain will no longer be members of the workstream, the workstream will continue to work collaboratively through the NWCSP Suppliers’ Forum and the NHS Supplier Board.

In addition to information and consultations sent out through the NWCSP Suppliers’ Forum, the NWCSP supply and distribution workstream has agreed to regularly attend the NHS Suppliers’ Board to ensure good contact with NHS suppliers and NHS Supply Chain.

Patient Safety Charter

As part of our commitment to Patient Safety, CaPA are also leading on the development of a Patient Safety Charter within NHS Supply Chain based on the five sign up to safety pledged that were outlined in the recent sign up to safety campaign which has been widely adopted across the NHS:

  • Put Safety first
  • Continually learn
  • Be honest
  • Collaborate
  • Be supportive.

The journey towards the Patient Safety Charter has been initiated with a review of the current complaints process which immediately escalates any complaints identify a potential patient safety risk for fast tracking based on level of risk. The initial commitment is that products of concern will be quarantined with immediate effect while concerns are investigated and quantified within five working days.

Implementing the CQC’s ‘Well Led’ Framework within CaPA

Within the five domains of the CQC new inspection model it is now recognised that being well led is the glue that holds all the domains together and is the gateway to being best in class – to being outstanding (NHSI 2017).

Carter (2016) stated that a single version of the truth and an integrated performance framework is core to success, and this is also reflected in the new CQC regulatory framework.

A thorough self-assessment against the new eight well led key lines of enquiry will achieve an honest gap analysis. The next step will enable explicit evidence to be collated and presented to demonstrate how the CaPA process behaviours and culture can celebrate success on its journey. This will support us to strive through a continuous quality improvement cycle to meet the requirement of the well led key lines of enquiry by bridging any evolving gaps through iterative change.

To learn more about the work CaPA is involved in, email the CaPA team: