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Changes To Order Confirmations

25 September 2020

As part of our Core Technology Refresh project, we are changing the way we provide you with order confirmations.

What stays the same?

We will continue to send you emails from the same email address and confirmations for orders placed through our eCommerce platform will be exactly the same as today.

Who is impacted?

If you place orders ouside of the eCommerce platform and receive emails with a subject: NHSL Order Report for… then you will be affected by this change.

What are the changes to order confirmations?

Confirmation emails for orders placed outside of eCommerce platform will start to look a little different.

From early October order confirmation emails will have a subject: NHSSC Order Report for…

Additional to the change in the email subject, the first lines of the email will also look a little different. However, the email will still confirm the information about your Req.Pt, Req.No, Dist/Req.No. and Transmission Status.             

What is the potential impact?

Although the order confirmation changes are minimal, this may impact you if you automatically filter your emails based on the subject field and you may need to make adjustments based on the new subject line.

See our Useful Links section for more information on the Core Technology Refresh project.