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Collaboration on Paediatric Pulse Oximeter Devices Delivers Savings of £960,000

31 August 2022


In August 2021, NHS Supply Chain were approached by NHS England to support with the Children and Young People’s Transformation Programme with a requirement for 4,000 hand-held paediatric Pulse Oximeter devices. The winter surge put added pressure on to ensure the devices were delivered on time to GP surgeries and Primary Care Services.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was understanding exactly which devices were required. NHS Supply Chain engaged with several suppliers on the Pulse Oximetry Framework, communicating not only the specific requirements but also what benefits suppliers could offer. NHS England then arranged for a clinician to liaise directly with the suppliers, to understand and confirm the most suitable product for the project.

A key issue in procuring the right devices was validation that they were suitable for all children, from babies to teenagers, and accurate in all ethnic groups. We worked closely with NHS Supply Chain colleagues who supported the team to assess the different paediatric pulse oximeters which were available to buy. They supplied us with the information we needed and facilitated contact with suppliers to enable us to make an informed decision on the best equipment for the age group and our requirements.

We needed to move quickly to procure and distribute the pulse oximeters so that they could be used over the critical winter period. Using the NHS Supply Chain framework, and their established relationship with suppliers, hugely simplified and speeded up the commercial process meaning that GPs and patients could benefit from the equipment in as quick a time as possible

Dr Simon Stockley, GP at Eaglescliffe Medical Centre, Stockton on Tees

Solution and Benefits

Once the device was agreed upon, weekly meetings between NHS Supply Chain, NHS England and the supplier, ensured the project was on track for delivery starting in November 2021 and ending in April 2022.

The large volume of devices and the ability of the supplier to deliver on time, directly to 76 CCG’s across England, also meant the project benefitted from a significant £960,000 saving.

Next Steps

See our Useful Links section for more information on the Pulse Oximeter Framework or to learn more about the Children and Young Peoples Transformation Programme

Or, to understand how we can support your trust to work collaboratively and deliver savings please speak to your NHS Supply Chain Hospital Care Team.