Customer Newsletter December 2021 – Issue 71

15 December 2021

Welcome to the December edition of our bi-monthly newsletter where you can find the latest important information, news and updates. We’ve also highlighted key case studies, savings opportunities and important initiatives for you and your trust.

Pressure Area Care Buying Guide

Discover everything you need to know about our Pressure Area Care and Patient Handling framework in one place with our buying guide. Products on this framework include beds, mattresses, slide sheets for moving patients, hoists, and slings.

Lighting Tools Buying Guide

We have launched our buying guide for our LTFM framework which features sustainable options including LED lighting, electric vehicle charging points and winter proofing kits to prepare your grounds for the frosty days and nights.

Online Catalogue Update for Office and Stationery Products

Following consultation with several trusts, about the Groups and Sections within the online catalogue, changes have been made. Office and Stationery product groupings are now more user friendly, easier to search and order and more up to date.

Improving the Efficiency of PPE Inventory Management

A challenge facing many NHS trusts in the COVID-19 pandemic response has been managing PPE inventory. Find out how NHS Supply Chain’s eDC Gold system has been successfully used to assist trusts in tracking PPE stock.

Successful Home Delivery Service Implementation

A 12-week implementation plan to onboard Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust to our Home Delivery Service (HDS) completed in May is anticipated to save the trust £101,000 per annum.

Shaping the Future of Healthcare Menus