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Defibrillators For Schools

23 December 2021

The Department for Education (DfE) continue to run an initiative in collaboration with NHS Supply Chain providing the opportunity to supply Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) into all education facilities with an academic age range up to 19 years of age (including early years setting).

In the event of a cardiac arrest, an AED is a medical device that can be used to give an electric shock to a person to restore their normal heart rhythm.

We worked with DfE on this project to ensure relevant specifications were able to meet the requirements as defined by the DfE and to ensure availability of a defibrillator package that would suit the requirements of all schools. We also managed the competition process and award on behalf of the DfE.

With 23,000 eligible schools within the UK, there is an advantage to procure in bulk delivering financial value and savings to ensure schools receive a competitively priced and clinically approved product. Here is what one school had to say about the service provided:

What could we do to improve? ‘Nothing – a seamless service. We ordered the defibrillator one day and it arrived the next day – perfect service!’

Manor Junior School (Aero Healthcare Monthly MI Report)

Up to the present time, approximately 3,200 devices have been procured by NHS Supply Chain for education facilities. The current “wave” of the programme was procured by further competition. This exercise was for an initial 500 devices with anticipated savings of £212.75 per device – or £106,375 in total – and the option to procure a further 1,000 devices.

London Ambulance service also reviewed the specification prior to the further competition and the bids of the two top scoring devices were then evaluated by East Midlands Ambulance service to provide assurance of adherence to the specification and to ensure safety and quality for customers.

To enable a smoother process for schools, we have engaged with Aero Healthcare to take orders directly from the school and they also offer training for users on delivery. Please contact them for more details on: