Delivering a Net Zero NHS

22 February 2021

The UK government has committed itself to reaching net zero carbon by 2050. This means significantly reducing emissions as well as off-setting using carbon capture, such as planting trees.

The health and care system in England are responsible for an estimated 4-5% of the country’s carbon footprint so has a major role to play in supporting this.

The NHS Net Zero Report sets out the considerable advances the NHS has already made in reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of services.

The direction, scale and pace of change are described in the report, which also examines a number of different areas that are critical to carbon reduction across the NHS. These include:

  • Estate and Facilities
  • Medicines
  • Supply Chain
  • Travel and Transport
  • Food, Catering and Nutrition
  • Research, Innovation and Off-setting.

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Illustration of Oil Rig in the Sea