Delivering Clinically Assured Products at Best Value for Five Trusts

26 May 2021

NHS Supply Chain, in partnership with South London Cardiac Provider Collaborative, has supported five south London trusts to achieve over 30 percent savings on clinically assured percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) devices – with further £1.3 million of projected savings per year.

Percutaneous coronary intervention is a technique for treating the narrowing of the coronary arteries leading to the heart.

Clinical colleague team meeting

The partnership was formed in 2019 to establish a collective approach to understanding what the best PCI devices are to deliver safe patient care whilst providing the best value. A clinical council was established to assess these products. Their objectives were to remove unwarranted variation across several PCI devices, understand the best clinical choice of product for safe patient care and create a saving for the trusts.

NHS Supply Chain’s procurement team helped the clinical council understand and maximise all the suppliers’ offerings submitted. Through the clinical council’s process, nine different drug eluting stent suppliers – which were the highest area of spend for the trusts involved – were rationalised down to two primary suppliers. As well as creating savings, the standardisation in the use of medical devices in the south London area has had additional patient safety benefits.

NHS Supply Chain can play a key role in helping trusts, individually and collectively, evaluate what suppliers have to offer to ensure clinically assured products that contribute to safe patient care. In performing this role, they can help trusts understand and assess what’s available in the marketplace and maximise solutions for their local area.

Chris Hopson, Chief Executive at NHS Providers

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  • Delivering Clinically Assured Products at Best Value for Five Trusts

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