Embracing Fairtrade

25 February 2021

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight from 22 February to 7 March, which highlights stories of the people that produce our food and drink.

Coffee cups

Did you know?
In order to meet with Government Buying Standards for Food (GBSF) mandatory standards at least 50% of tea and coffee products must be fairly traded.

The definition of fairly traded:
Fairly-traded refers to products that don’t have a Fairtrade certification but state that they have been traded in an ethical manner. Businesses registered with and listed on the ethical networks World Fair Trade Organization or The British Association for Fair Trade Shops are dedicated to trading fairly. Fair-trading refers to Alternative Trading Organisations (ATOs) – sometimes known as 100% fair traded companies.

In order to meet with GBSF best practice standards all tea, coffee, cocoa and bananas are certified as fairly traded.

How we can support
We have a number of fairtrade certified tea and coffee products available. A selection is shown below. We also have several other tea and coffee products that fall into the category of fairly traded. Speak to your local food account manager to find out more about these.

NSV Code Supplier Product CodeDescription
AA131148Tea Fairtrade Organic Green Envelope S&T Clipper
ACT291AA131148Tea Fairtrade Organic Peppermint Infusion Envelope S&T Clipper
ACT292AA131148Tea Organic Infusion Wild Berry Envelope S&T Clipper
ACC139AA130826Drinking chocolate Fair Trade 1kg Bag
60712Fairtrade Medium Roast Bulk Brew Coffee
3427Everyday Favourites Milk Powder Alternative
23541Coronet Breakfast Tea Tag and Envelope

See our Useful Links section for further information on the Fairtrade Fortnight website, and our local food account managers contact details.

GBSF Reports Now Available

We have also recently made available bespoke GBSF reports for those trusts ordering through the Multi-Temperature Distribution (MTD) model so that you can see an overall percentage compliance (including fair trade) for products bought through NHS Supply Chain. Get in touch for more information.