Enhancements to the Product Catalogues (Category Tower 6)

11 November 2020

To ensure trusts and suppliers find NHS Supply Chain easier to do business with. We are making improvements to the classification of all products and devices in our catalogues, across Cardiology, Radiology, Audiology, Endoscopy and Pain Management.

This will enable your trust to:

  • Search for, identify, select and order devices in an easier way.
  • Improve the accuracy of Trust Reports (TR) reporting for your trust.
  • Review your usage and categories of spend in a more robust way.

Important: This will not remove or restrict access to any products that you could previously order. This is an activity designed to enhance our service to you.


The changes to the catalogues are planned to begin taking place January 2021. Before any change happens you will be contacted by your NHS Supply Chain implementation manager, to talk through these changes and plan out the changes specific to your trust.

Next Steps

  • A cleansed trust catalogue will be created prior to any changes being made on NHS Supply Chain’s systems.
  • Each NHS trust will be contacted in advance of any changes by NHS Supply Chain implementation managers. They will provide a copy of the cleansed catalogue and a specific date for the changes to be made.
  • NHS Supply Chain’s systems will be updated on the agreed date.
  • NHS trusts using third party systems will be required to either accept the changes in their catalogue management system if they use one. Or remove the historic catalogue and upload the cleansed catalogue if catalogues are loaded manually. For any NHS trusts using Online Ordering the changes will take place automatically.
  • For any NHS trusts using masking or favourites in Online Ordering, the trust will need to review Online Ordering and update to take into account any changes.
  • Our implementation managers will be available throughout the change process to answer any trust queries.
  • See our Useful Links section for the contact details of your implementation manager. You will be contacted proactively by us in advance and before any changes take place.