Improving ICNs: New Filter For Free PPE ICNs

21 July 2022

In response to further customer feedback, we have added a new filter for Important Customer Notices (ICNs) relating to products supplied through the PPE Portal and Auto Replenishment model.

Screenshot - part of our ICN page
Screenshot showing new filter on Important Customer Notices

11 July 2022

Following further feedback, we have made additional improvements to search results for Important Customer Notices (ICNs).

  • Full title of the ICN is now displayed in search results and includes the ICN number on the end of the link title.
  • The same change has been replicated on the website Home page ‘Live Feed’ section (near the bottom of the screen).
  • Date of the most recent update is also now included as a prefix for the ‘Teaser text’ in search results that include ICNs.
Example screenshot of ICN search results

29 April 2022

In response to further customer feedback we have added a new filter for Important Customer Notices (ICNs) relating to Contractual Change.

In addition we have also added a count of the total number of ICNs on our website and for each of the filtered options – Contractual Change, Field Safety Notice and Supply Issues.

Screenshot of the ICN filter options
Screenshot showing the number of Important Customer Notices filtered by Supply Issues

1 December 2021

Since the update on 10 November 2021, we have removed the word ‘Temporary’ from our Important Customer Notices. Instead, we display the shortened version ‘Supply Issues’.

The nature of the supply disruption typically remains ‘temporary’ but the new naming convention is hopefully clearer and more immediately understood by a first-time viewer of our website.

  • Following further customer feedback, we are also introducing a change to the title of each notice.
  • This will now include the ICN type at the beginning of the title.

10 November 2021

In response to customer feedback, we have made it easier to find ICNs that relate to a ‘Field Safety Notice’ or a ‘Temporary Supply Issue’.

  • You can now quickly display these types of ICNs by using the new Filter options
  • The filtered display will show the 50 most recent ICNs, with the latest showing first (10 per page).

Filters will only show ICNs relating to products in clinical use.

If you prefer to view all ICNs, ensure that a Filter is not selected.

ICN page: Before the change

ICNs Screenshot - Before Change

ICN page: After the change

After the change - ICN page screenshot

You can find specific content including ICNs by using our website’s Search.

In the example shown, the word ‘catheters’ was our chosen search term.

Screenshot of an Advanced ICN Search
Search Results page: catheters

18 September 2020

In response to customer feedback and as part of our continuous improvement programme of website changes, the Important Customer Notice (ICN) number now shows at the end of the ICN title.

This change will enable you to find ICNs easier, and quicker. Making the ICN number more visible on the Important Customer Notices home page will help you to identify updates to ICNs that you may already be aware of, without the need to click through to the individual page.

22 November 2019

Our search function is improving continuously and a recent update means that you can now search for Important Customer Notices (ICNs) via the product code (NPC) in addition to the ICN number, name of ICN and keywords.

This update applies to all ICNs published as of 18 November 2019. This means that you can now search for an NPC on this information website to check if there are any Important Customer Notices before proceeding to the online catalogue to view or order the product.