Role of NHS Supply Chain Within Healthtech Connect

5 August 2020

HealthTech Connect is a secure, online database of devices, diagnostics and digital health technologies that are intended for use in the NHS or in the wider UK health and care system. It is funded by NHS England and operated by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

NHS Supply Chain enables identified products as ‘appropriate products for adoption’ which provide measurable benefits to the health and care system to be made available for the NHS.

These benefits include improved patient outcomes and / or long-term sustainability by NHS England and NHS Improvement (for example through MedTech Funding (NICE), High Cost Tariff Excluded Devices and Innovation teams) Accelerated Access Collaborative and Academic Health Science Networks.

These products are to be made available to the health and care system by aligning the ‘innovations’ by speciality within the relevant frameworks through working with our Category Tower Service Providers (CTSPs).

We have been working with our partners to review submissions monthly (this has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic) to ensure we maximise the opportunity to include new innovations within existing procurement frameworks where possible. Where this is not possible alternative solutions will be found working with wider health and care partners.

26 July 2019

Identifying innovation through HealthTech Connect

HealthTech Connect (HTC) is a single point of entry online that connects companies to relevant information and support to help the development, evaluation and adoption of health technologies in the UK.

Officially live in April, Healthtech Connect has submitted a number of technologies to CaPA for review. Many have potential, with further information being requested at this time.

6 June 2019

25 technologies specific to NHS Supply Chain submitted for review through HealthTech Connect.

Following the full launch of HealthTech Connect at the end of April, to date NHS Supply Chain has had 25 technologies submitted for review.

Submissions are being reviewed on a regular basis, with feedback being given on the HealthTech Connect portal and directly to the supplier at the point of review.

Our Clinical and Product Assurance (CaPA) team attended a user group meeting on 1 May 2019 and are due to attend the Board meeting on the 12 June 2019.

26 April 2019

HealthTech Connect is preparing for a full launch on 29 April 2019.

HealthTech Connect is a secure online system for identifying and supporting health technologies (including devices, diagnostics, and digital) as they move from inception to adoption in the UK health and care system.

healthtech connect logoThe initial ‘soft launch’ on 27 February 2019 enabled a small number of users to begin using and testing the system before progressing to the full launch. During this time 100 companies registered to use the system and were able to provide feedback that helped identify bugs and issues – all of which have have now been fixed.

For more information about HealthTech Connect visit the HealthTech Connect website or email

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