Maximising the Potential of Procurement

11 February 2020

Value Based Procurement (VBP) is essentially whole life costing in healthcare, shifting the emphasis from a simple reduction in product costs to exploring technologies that can influence a reduction in total costs within the patient pathway.

Why Value Based Procurement for the NHS?
Increasing demand for healthcare with limited financial resources, highlights the ongoing need for procurement to consider alternative ways to deliver increased year on year savings across the NHS.

NHS Supply Chain is conducting several pilot projects in order to determine the critical success factors for introducing VBP as an additional tool to support trust and Local Delivery System transformation plans.

The pilots cover the following product categories:

  • Capital Equipment
  • Cardiology
  • Endoscopy and Endourology
  • Ward Based Consumables
  • Wound Care.

Through these pilots we will evaluate the ability of VBP to support and enable sustainable increased saving opportunities, better patient outcomes and improved productivity and efficiency.

See our Useful Links 🔗 section for further information about Value Based Procurement.

What’s next?
Effectively translating value propositions into tangible, measurable benefits for the health system is key for VBP, and we are keen to work with the NHS Finance community to deliver this efficiently from the start. We are creating a “Community of Practice” for finance and procurement representatives from the pilot trusts plus all finance leads who wish to shape and influence how we report these VBP activites ongoing.

To get involved and have your say on how the NHS Finance community can shape and embed these working practices in your trust join us on 24 February 2020 at Skipton House London, or to learn more about how Value Based Procurement could support your organisation please contact:

Brian Mangan

Value Based Procurement (VBP) Project Lead