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New Customer Services Telephone Numbers

20 July 2021

Our Customer Services Team implemented the new BT Cloud telephony system between 7 and 16 June 2021.

Customer Services telephone numbers are now 0300 numbers. The previous telephone numbers will shortly be decommissioned.

To prevent any delay in contacting us, please ensure all calls are made using the new 0300 telephone numbers, and any pre-set speed dials have been amended.

Previous Update – 24 May 2021

Our Customer Services Team will be moving to a new BT Cloud telephony system during June 2021.

At which time, all Customer Services telephone numbers will be changing to 0300 numbers. Each regional Customer Services Team will have its own telephone number and your Customer Services Advisor will have a new extension number.

Please note that this does not affect the Home Delivery Service (HDS) telephone numbers.

Benefits of the new telephony system:

  • Improve staff availability through increased statistics on calls to ensure we have adequate staff and can evenly distribute the workload.
  • Better staff training with the ability to record calls for training and coaching, and the ability for a team leader to support the Customer Services Advisor during or after a call. 
  • Improve user experience as you can choose to either wait for a specific Customer Services Advisor or join a queue for any advisor.  Also, we have more flexibility to leave customer messages when staff are out of the office.
  • Enhanced emergency response as calls can be automatically diverted to other depots.
  • Potential for long term enhancements such as webchat.

Implementing the new system

The new system will have a phased implementation across the regional Customer Services Teams, commencing 7 June 2021. We will provide advice of the new telephone numbers and the new extension number of your Customer Service Advisor, prior to this date.

Following implementation of the new system, to contact Customer Services:

  • Dial the new 0300 telephone number.
  • Enter your Customer Services Advisor extension number when directed.
  • If you do not know the extension number, you will be directed to the next available Customer Services Advisor.

Although we will remind you closer the time, any pre-set speed dials will also need to be updated.

If you have any other questions, please contact your Customer Services Advisor.