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NHS Providers Annual Conference Webinar

25 January 2022

We were pleased to host our partner webinar session with NHS Providers on 11 January 2022. The session discussed “Delivering Health Sustainably: How NHS Supply Chain can support the NHS to deliver social value and achieve a greener, net zero future.”

Led by our CEO Andrew New, Director of Supply Chain Chris Holmes and our Interim Chair Heather Tierney-Moore, the webinar highlighted our commitment to sustainability now and in the future. The session was chaired by Kevin Rennie, Interim Chief Operating Officer at NHS Providers.

Delivering Health Sustainably

Session highlights

Andrew New spoke about how we are supporting the NHS to deliver on net zero by committing to a reduction of our carbon emissions. We have signed a pledge committing to delivering net zero by: 

  • Working closely with our people and championing hybrid working 
  • Minimising our direct impact on carbon emissions
  • Working closely with our supply base to supply the NHS with sustainable, renewable, reusable products on our frameworks. 

See our Useful Links section to view more about our pledge.

We’re prioritizing sustainability across the supply chain. That means working with trusts, suppliers and the whole of the NHS to meet the net zero targets.

Andrew New, CEO

I am absolutely determined that NHS Supply Chain is aligned to the NHS priorities and we deliver true value to you as NHS partners.

Heather Tierney-Moore, Interim Chair

Chris Holmes reiterated that customers are at the heart of our business plan and the importance of putting the NHS first. Chris also shared how we have aligned our business plan and our company KPIs with our colleagues at NHSEI and the net zero road map.

See our Useful Links section to read more about our strategic pillars, how we will help to deliver health sustainability and for more information about our business plan.

We have removed 360 tonnes of single-use plastics thanks NHS trusts for working with us to switch to alternatives. We have opportunities to really start to drive down the carbon footprint in the NHS by introducing remanufactured devices. To date, 304 tonnes of Single-Use Plastic has been removed by NHS Supply Chain and NHS trusts working in partnership to introduce board-based waste containers.

Chris Holmes, Director of Supply Chain

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital – Improving environmental performance whilst generating savings

We were delighted that Waste Manager Jason Mitchell (MCIWM, CEnv) joined us to provide an inspirational update on Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital’s sustainability journey. Being the first healthcare organisation in the world to declare a Climate Emergency, we value their expertise. 

Watch the Webinar Recording – find out how Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital has benefitted from implementing board-based waste containers. We have also produced a case study with more details.

NHS Supply Chain working with procurement leads is where the big change is going to occur on sustainability.

Jason Mitchell, Waste Manager, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Find out more

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the webinar. We received some fantastic questions at the end of the webinar that our chairs answered – you can listen back to find out what’s important to the NHS and where we’re heading with our sustainability agenda.  

NHS Providers Webinar