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NHS Supply Chain launches new Total Orthopaedic Solutions 2 framework

5 March 2020

NHS Supply Chain has launched a new framework which brings together its Musculoskeletal and Total Orthopaedic Solutions offer for NHS trust customers.

Total Orthopaedic Solutions 2 runs until 2 February 2024 and builds on the success of the Total Orthopaedics Solution framework, which delivered more than £60 million in cash releasing savings for trusts.

The new framework brings together the combined learning and development from the two previous frameworks with a greater focus on engagement with key stakeholders and suppliers to continue to deliver benefits and value to the NHS.

NHS Supply Chain consulted widely with NHS trusts during the development of the tender to ensure the renewed framework meets customer needs.
To support this process NHS Supply Chain’s orthopaedics team has been restructured into seven regional teams to provide a local focus on specific activity at trust level.

Each regional team consists of a Category Manager, Clinical Engagement and Implementation Manager and Procurement Contract Support to support and build stronger working relationships with local procurement leads responsible for orthopaedics.

The new framework agreement not only reflects the requirements of the NHS and industry, it also provides flexibility to our customers across the category portfolio.Steve Vandyken, Category Tower Director
NHS Supply Chain: Orthopaedics, Trauma, Spine and Ophthalmology

The new framework has:

  • 250,000 products from 94 suppliers, including 62,924 new products
  • A greater choice of innovative products/technology and service solution options (for example stock solutions, patient pathway services and efficiency solutions)

There are 10 lots:

  • Lot 1 – Orthopaedic Hip Arthroplasty
  • Lot 2 – Orthopaedic Knee Arthroplasty
  • Lot 3 – Orthopaedic Extremities
  • Lot 4 – Orthopaedic Internal & External Fixation
  • Lot 5 – Spine
  • Lot 6 – Arthroscopy / Sports Medicine
  • Lot 7 – Bone Preparation
  • Lot 8 – Orthopaedic Power Tools and Consumables
  • Lot 9 – Regenerative Technology
  • Lot 10 – Orthopaedic Generic Instrumentation

See our Useful Links section for the framework information page and Account Manager contacts.

Media Enquiries:

Jennie Gilleeney

Corporate Communications Manager

07714 043 391

Joanna Morrison

Head of Public Affairs and PR

07776 457 201

About NHS Supply Chain

All information in this press release is correct at the time of going to press.

NHS Supply Chain manages the sourcing, delivery and supply of healthcare products, services and food for NHS trusts and healthcare organisations across England and Wales.

Managing more than 4.5 million orders per year, across 94,000 order points and 15,000 locations, NHS Supply Chain systems consolidate orders from over 800 suppliers, saving trusts time and money and removing duplication of overlapping contracts.

Lord Carter’s report into efficiency and productivity in the NHS, published in 2015, identified unwarranted variation in procurement across the NHS, resulting in the need to improve operational efficiencies to transform a fragmented procurement landscape. To undertake this transformation the Department of Health and Social Care established the Procurement Transformation Programme (PTP) to deliver a new NHS Supply Chain.

The new NHS Supply Chain was designed to help the NHS deliver clinically assured, quality products at the best value, through a range of specialist buying functions. Its aim is to leverage the buying power of the NHS to negotiate the best deals from suppliers and deliver savings of £2.4 billion back into NHS frontline services by the end of the financial year 2022/23.

The new model consists of eleven specialist buying functions, known as Category Towers, delivering clinical consumables, capital medical equipment and non-medical products such as food and office solutions. Three enabling services for logistics, supporting technology and transactional services underpin the model.

Key benefits the new NHS Supply Chain will bring NHS trusts and suppliers include:

NHS Trusts

  • Savings channelled back to frontline services
  • Releasing more time for core clinical activities
  • Greater NHS clinical involvement in purchasing decision
  • More effective introduction of new products.


  • Lowering sales and marketing costs
  • Single route into the national market
  • A joined-up approach across the NHS
  • Clear route for innovative products.

On 1 April 2018, a new commercially astute management function called Supply Chain Coordination Limited (SCCL) went ‘live’. A limited company, wholly owned by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, SCCL is part of the NHS family. The management function is responsible for driving commercial objectives, managing the category towers and enabling services whilst overseeing continuous improvement.