Further Savings Available On Silicone Foam Dressings

2 June 2021

In 2019, NHS Supply Chain delivered over £1.3 million in savings back to the NHS as a result of significant price reductions on Silicone Foams Dressings. These offers, outlined below, are still accessible via the current Advanced Wound Care Framework, with further savings also available.

In addition to offering an average 10% price reduction on their full Mepilex brand range (29 product lines in total), Molnlycke is also offering a further 30% price reduction on their Mepilex border (16 product lines in total). Together equating to a total annual saving of over £1.1 million. These products will still be available when the new Advanced Woundcare Framework launches in September 2021. Further information will be shared in our upcoming launch communications and from Customer Relationship Managers.

Smith & Nephew is offering an average 33% price reduction, across brands including the Allevyn Life and Allevyn Gentle Border range, equalling an annual saving of £842,883. (across 32 product lines in total).

H&R Healthcare is offering an 8% price reduction, equal to £72,693 in annual savings, across the Kliniderm foams brand (19 product lines in total).

Urgo is offering an average 9.6% price reduction, which equates to £26,361 in annual savings, across two Urgotul brands – Absorb and Absorb Border (6 product lines in total).

The savings outlined are based on existing customer spend with their current supplier. There are opportunities for customers to achieve further savings of up to £1.7 million, by switching from their incumbent supplier to any of the above.

By working in partnership with our suppliers and the NHS, we are helping to deliver significant savings to customers whilst ensuring that clinical choice remains uncompromised.

For further information or support, please contact your NHS Supply Chain Customer Relationship Manager. See our Useful Links section for more details.

¹With the exception of ‘Allevyn life bordered, heal and sacrum’ where a 7.5% price reduction has been offered.