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PPE Transitions Back Into NHS Supply Chain

11 April 2022

On 1 April 2022, operational responsibility for the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) programme transferred to NHS Supply Chain.

NHS Supply Chain will act as the agent in providing PPE requirements. For the time being, DHSC will retain overall ownership of centralised PPE stock and management of any excess stock.

The provision of COVID-19 PPE will continue to be:

  • Free of charge until 31 March 2023 or until infection prevention and control (IPC) guidance is withdrawn or significantly amended.
  • Supplied through the auto replenishment model for NHS trusts.
  • Available to order via the dedicated PPE Portal for eligible primary care and adult social care providers.
  • Delivered by Clipper Logistics.

All other ordering of PPE products, non-COVID-19 related, needs to be made via each organisation’s normal ordering process.

Transitioning the PPE supply chain into NHS Supply Chain will help to ensure:

  • A single supply chain to manage the future procurement and supply of products.
  • It meets the needs of the wider health and care sector.
  • Improved supply chain resilience through the incorporation of supply chain excellence best practice.

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