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Preparing for eDC and eDC Gold Android devices

12 June 2020

Over the past 24 months, the Android devices and supporting software have undergone multiple pilot testing and revisions.

The new technology offers increased speed and ease of use alongside the opportunity for future development and support capabilities.

The pilot trusts, in particular, are impressed with the ‘good scanning response time’, ‘improved design and quality of the unit’ and ‘like the ease of connecting and disconnecting to the docking station’.

The current Windows Mobile devices will be replaced over a 12 month programme. We will contact customers individually to agree on specific dates and times.

We understand there will be a significant change to how the current PDAs connect and that network structures and security policies may differ across the NHS. We will work closely with our customers and local IT departments to support the transition to the android devices.

The upgraded devices, implementation and ongoing support are free for the NHS.

Android Devices FAQs

Why are NHS Supply Chain replacing the current eDC and Gold Windows Mobile PDAs?

Microsoft no longer supports Windows Mobile devices. The new Android technology offers increased speed, ease of use and much more dynamic development and support capabilities.

When will NHS Supply Chain be replacing the current Windows Mobile devices?

There will be a 12 month replacement programme expected to start in the new year. Customers will be contacted individually to agree specific dates and times.

What is the make and model of the replacement device, and what version of Android will this come with?

We will be supplying Zebra TC52s which will come with Android version 8 (Oreo). See our Downloads ▼ section to read the product specification.

Will we be given the same number of Android devices as we have Windows Mobile devices?

Yes, this will be like for like replacement. The Windows devices will be taken out of service once the Android devices are installed.

Will we be able to purchase the new TC52 Android devices ourselves?

This is currently under review and further information will be communicated as soon as possible.

Android devices are connected wirelessly what information do we need to supply to our local IT department for cyber security risks?

We strongly recommend WIFI as best practice. There will be ethernet port connectivity provided on the docking stations for direct IP connectivity. It is important to note that the Android devices will not have tethering to PC capability (like the current Windows devices do).

We have previously communicated the new URLs to be added to your Local and WIFI networks and without these being active the Android device will not work.

See our Downloads ▼ section for useful information and specifications of interest to your local IT Departments. We advise approaching your local IT Departments to share this information as they will be an integral part of setting up the new devices on customer networks

What is the operating lifespan of Android devices?

Zebra’s software security solution is ‘Lifeguard for Android’ which extends the operating system lifecycle beyond 3 years.

How will NHS Supply Chain update the Android versions?

The devices will arrive preconfigured with mobile device management software (MDM). This will facilitate the updates as they become available and in accordance with your local IT policies.

How will NHS Supply Chain update the eDC and eDC Gold software?

The Android devices will arrive preconfigured with the latest eDC and eDC Gold software. Application updates will be delivered through the MDM client.

Will there be changes to how NHS Supply Chain supports the new devices?

No, customers will report any issues as normal to the existing NHS Supply Chain Client Services Helpdesk. The Client Services Helpdesk will have increased functionality to support customers more effectively.

If you have any further questions please contact

Sally McLeod

eCommerce Customer Engagement Manager

Downloads ▼

  • Aylesford General UK Presentation Certificate ISO27001

  • Maidstone General UK Presentation Certificate ISO27001

  • DXC Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance

  • TC52 HC Touch Computer Specification Sheet