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Providing a More Efficient and Sustainable eBilling Solution to More Customers 

5 July 2022

From June 2022 we have made some further enhancements to our eBilling system to enable more customers to receive their invoices electronically.

Customers who purchase products under our Large Diagnostic Capital Equipment category area or are sent Non-Stock invoices for items such as management fees, will now receive their invoices, credits and statements as PDF attachments by email. This will reduce manual effort, costs and create a more efficient and sustainable system for NHS Supply Chain and our customers.


  • Reduction of manual processes saving time
  • Invoices sent automatically and instantly
  • Mitigate the risk of invoices being lost sent through the post, reducing postage costs
  • Sustainable solution removing need for paper and reducing cost.

Next Steps

You will only be able to be able to benefit from this change if we hold a valid primary email address for your account so please ensure your contact details are kept up to date. If you have any questions about the move to eBilling, please contact our Accounts Payables team.

Please note if you currently use a third party system to purchase via EDI, this change does not you and you will continue to receive printed invoices.

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