Roll Cage Usage and Returns

13 March 2020

Roll Cage Being Returned To NHS Supply Chain

We’re working closely with the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement, and Public Health England to help to ensure the continuity of supply of products into the NHS.

The high volume of orders we are currently receiving is placing operational pressures on our service capability, around the availability and utilisation of our Roll Cages. There are two issues in particular:

  • Rather than all cages being taken to wards and emptied for our retrieval within 48 hours, large numbers are being held in hospital stores. These need to be released urgently and all cages returned within 48 hours of goods being received.
  • Our cages continue to be utilised by trust employees or contractors for movement of used bed linen. The cages are then collected by laundry operators to end up in their network from which it is difficult to retrieve them. Given the heightened risk of cross contamination from COVID-19 this practice needs to cease immediately. Only dedicated cages from laundry operators should be used for bed linen or laundry products.

To avoid cage shortages which will impact upon our service delivery, we need trusts to release cages back to us.

Please work with your Customer Services Advisor to review your position and arrange return of any outstanding roll cages.

Many thanks,

Chris Holmes
Director of Supply Chain

Stephen Foulser
Director of Customer Engagement.