Urgent Request to Return Roll Cages

13 October 2020
Roll Cages - Essential For Our Continued Service to the NHS

We’re working hard to help to ensure the continuity of supply of products into the NHS. Roll cages are a crucial part of our delivery service.

Since the start of September 3,709 roll cages with a value of £271,000 have still not been returned to NHS Supply Chain.

The main issue is rather than all cages being taken to wards and emptied for our retrieval within 48 hours, large numbers are being held in hospital stores.

These need to be released urgently and all cages returned within 48 hours of goods being received.

  • To avoid cage shortages that will impact upon our service delivery, we need trusts to release cages back to us.
  • Please work with your Customer Relationship Manager to review your organisation’s position and arrange the return of any outstanding roll cages.
Please Return Our Roll Cages Graphic